Saturday, June 8, 2019

Trumps Tweet that the Moon "is a part" of Mars

Is a part=51

Area 51
Tin Foil Hat=51
So on....

Remember too that Trump is exactly 15 years 51 days older than Obama. 
Pope Francis was 15 years old in the year 51'. 
Queen Elizabeth II became Queen 51 years 15 days after Victoria died. 

Need to go back and find Bobby's info in regards to Mars, as I bet it's important to this story. 


  1. I've been meaning to go back and review my Mars stuff. I was just telling Derek that the other day in regards to the number 79. But the fascinating thing is that as I'm discovering this the Moon is situated exactly where Trump's Mars was at his birth 146° (Leo). Mars right now is also at 15° Cancer (105°) which is dead center of the sign ruled by the Moon.

    Mars repeats its opposition cycle every 79 years.

  2. Jeff Bezos was at the MARS conference in Las Vegas on Thursday

  3. There will be a full moon the same night of game 7. The Moon will be in the Golden Gate mere hours after the game. This is the same night Bezos turns 741 lunar sidereal months old. The GGB turns 1097 lunar sidereal mos old. Our buddy ZKH also has this same moon placement. He'll be turning 480 lunar sidereal months old. You've done a ton with the 48. All i remember is wall = 48. 48th prime is 223. The Moon = 223 hebrew gematria. Tennessee just turned 223 years old on June 1st. Expecting something for TN on the 15th. Our governor will in his 21800th day. Moon = 218 hebrew gematria.