Sunday, June 9, 2019

The number 210-The Illuminati and winning at the Casino yesterday

I had to work yesterday until 5pm and then when I got off work we took Zamien to the swimming pool. Claire was already there as my mom is the manager and Claire has been letting her come up all day. 
Anyway Zamien wasn't really into the pool and was getting tired so we decided to come home around 8pm. We got him to bed and since Jasmine didn't work she suggested we go to the Casino. We both have free play and I get a free meal everytime I go, so I figured why not. 
It started off alright as I was winning a little bit, but eventually I was even and then down almost 100. Jasmine however was up like 100, so I figured I'd just spend my last 20 and if I lost, we would be close to even. In the mix of it all, I kept seeing the number 210 over and over. I ended up hitting a small bonus game and getting back up to like 85 dollars. I found Jasmine again and sat down by her on a machine I rarely play. I was again losing, but I kept seeing the number 210. I ended up hitting the Major Jackpot and winning 855 dollars on that machine. I've never won that much money on anything in my life. I ended up with a ticket of $914 and we decided to leave. 

When I got home last night I figured I'd look up why the number 210 might be important as I know I have talked about it with San Francisco....
The first thing I checked however was how far away from my bday it was....of course it was 210 days after my birthday!

Also the Casino is located on 210th Street. 

On the way home I started thinking about the 914 ticket and I said to funny that our new baby's due date is 9/14 and I win that much. She of course was just like...yeah whatever...

When I searched 210 on my blog the first post that comes up is a post about the Harvest Moon on 9/14 too haha. 
This sticks out to me a bit too as I just watched the film "A.I." this morning as I thought it might be important. There is a part where the MOON chases them, as it's humans trying to take the robots to the Flesh Fair and kill them. Later in the story they have to follow the Moon to get to Rouge City and so on..

The next post I mention 210 is the one where I talked about a weird message I got on a video from 210 days before...the person's name also equaled 210....All their videos are in spanish, but I remember translating part of 1 where it talked about the Illuminati being "Good" and not "Bad"...
This is interesting because "Adam Weishaupt"=210 as well. 

210 and 310 have been numbers in connection to each other as well...and remember how last time I won at the casino it was all about 310...
They also commented on the 80th day of the year. 
Bavarian Illuminati=80 also 818(satanic)
2 months 10 days after 6/8 is 8/18...

Remember the Gematrinator taken down 210 days before 8/10 as well. 

Funnier yet is the first story I clicked on Today when I went to CNN, and the main headline story right about a protest in China...

Today is 6/9..
Illuminati=69(rev red)

9/14 also the day Francis Scott Key wrote the national anthem...this year will be the 205th anniversary...
French Revolution=205


  1. Joseph Turok = 210 Francis Bacon
    Turok = 85 ordinal

  2. Did you leave after midnight. The 10th had 55 date numerology. 10th triangular and 10th fib i believe. But 9/14 is the 257th day. 55th prime.

    Zach mentioned fathers day game 7 but I think the mother theme is important to Kevin Durant. His mother is Wanda Pratt!! Makes you think of Jurassic Park. KD's full name is Kevin Wayne Durant. KWD... reduce each letter and you have 254. Tonights game was 254 days after his bday on 9/29. 929 chapters in the OT. Kevin Durant = 1189 Jewish. Total chapters in the Bible. This dude super biblical. Gonna check out the 272 now. 9/29 the 272nd day. Today's game was 272 days after 9/11. Found it, lol. Coming full circle now. The original game for N64 was "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter" = 272 ordinal

  3. Capricorn represents the knees
    Taurus represents the neck
    Taurus is the 2nd sign in the Zodiac and Capricorn is the 10th. George Floyd dies 210 days to the start of Capricorn. His memorial service was today a day leaving 210 days remaining.

  4. Today is the last day of Trump being 914 lunar months old.