Monday, June 10, 2019

Kristy Swanson(Buffy The Vampire Slayer) back in the media over the Pledge of Allegiance-Husband from CANADA

More Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the media? 

Look at that....her husband is figure skater from CANADA that's made up of 3 territories and 10 provinces. 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer=310
Buffy Summers=310

Also looking at Kristy Swanson I see her first starring role was Wes Craven's "Deadly Friend". 
Just thinking about how Slipknot/Kanye and so on is connected to the FREDDY theme...Wes Craven dying in 2015 on the same day as the VMA's..
Also remember how the "Pink/Duck" symbolism was connected to her as she is the girl who Duckie gets at the end of "Pretty in Pink". 

Funny I didn't realize she was on "Dude Where's My Car" either. I guess it makes sense now that I think about it, but that's not a part that really stands out to me....
It's funny because on Saturday at work I was training someone and I kept telling them, "And Then"....I then talked about "Dude Where's my Car" and the drive through Chinese scene. Then the other girl at work talked about the movie too and we had a conversation about it lol. 

In regards to Kristy Swanson's husband it makes me think there might be something to do with Christian Slater and possibly the film "Pump Up the Volume". In the film Buffy she says she wants to marry Christian Slater and "Pump Up the Volume" used to be one of my favorite movies. 
I feel like Sam had mentioned something about "Heathers" at some point as well. 

Also think about the Pledge of Allegiance in regards to not standing during the National Anthem/Flag symbolism thats important to the War of 1812/Canada. 

Notice there's also a Justin Bieber story on that headline too...
Bieber also from Canada. 


  1. seemed to be a queen theme today considering the 254 with KD. Queen born 4/21 a day with 254 remaining. Today game 5 was 50 days after her bday. 62 total points at the end of the first quarter. Golden State had 62 at the half. Queen = 62
    3rd quarter points were 22 to 22. Kevin Durant and Chris Pratt born exactly 484 weeks apart. 22x22=484. Kevin = 484 ext.

    And to bring in my Tennessee theory.... Chris Pratt and Wanda Pratt/Durant born exactly 615 weeks apart which is the Nashville area code. Tennessee = 106 ordinal.

    Game 7 would be 105 or 106 days with the span to KD's birthday.

  2. 615+484=1099 the age of the Golden Gate Bridge in lunar sidereal months on August 10th/11th. If you look at KDs birth chart Neptune and Saturn were straddling the Golden Gate. The Hubbard born 617 lunar sidereal months after the GGB opened. 113th prime. Deception. Born at 19:19 with his Moon in the Golden Gate just like Jeff Bezos who is 261 lunar sidereal months older than Zach or 19 years and 190 days.... or 7130 days. Saturn = 713 Hebrew gematria. 713 = 23x31 the 9th and 11th primes. Bezos turning 741 lunar sidereal months old night of a possible game 7. Saturn = 741

  3. I've been trying to watch pump up the volume for months, but Amazon doesn't have it available yet. That's odd that you bring it up. I check every week to see if they have it.