Sunday, June 9, 2019

Michigan vs UCLA Super Regional game 3 to advance to CWS

I've watched a few Michigan baseball games in the last week. I really don't know why, I think because I went to and saw they were playing. Plus my best friend is a huge Michigan fan and I used to be, so it's something to talk about. 
I was looking at the Great Lakes on the map a bit ago too and when I looked at Lake Erie I saw how close Ann Arbor was to it. Funny I see a town called "Battle Creek" in the area too which is the town where my cousin Craig grew up in Iowa. I just mentioned him in regards to Granger Smith. 
Battle Creek=69 and today is 6/9. 

Anyway I see...

UCLA currently has 52 wins which is important to Michigan as well. 
This is why Gematria is confusing in regards to who wins though and their needs to be more to understanding it. It's not that the games aren't coded with it, but it often syncs to both teams...
Today they are playing the elimination game on 6/9. 
UCLA Bruins=69
UCLA=10 and they could stay on 10 losses.
Los Angeles=53 and they could get 53 wins. 
The games will be played in Los Angeles as well. 

Michigan Wolverines=206
College World Series=206
TD Ameritrade=206

Today is 102 days after UCLA coach "John Savage"=102 bday. 

If Michigan does make the college world series there is no doubt it's connected to the Teen Wolf narrative...Remember last year Oregon State won, who was super connected to Nebraska and the Teen Wolf symbolism. Michigan WOLVErines. 

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