Monday, June 24, 2019

Cam Newton Offers $1,500 to switch seats on plane leaving Paris-Thoughts about Super Bowl 50-Racism

This happened on 6/21 which was 41 days after Cam Newton's bday. 
Super Bowl=41, 131
Newton's bday is the 131st day of the year. 
It's interesting the story involves France which is something I have been saying is important to this year. 
Notice it's 226 days before Super Bowl LIV(54) as well. 
Carolina Panthers=226(Francis Bacon) also 310(rev FB)
Cam Newton=36

This story wasn't reported on until 6/23 according the article which is interesting as well. 
6/23 is the 174th day of the year. 
Carolina Panthers=174
Super Bowl LIV=174

Also remember how the major racism riddle in recent years with the NFL began with the Panthers in Super Bowl 50. Black Panthers vs the White Bronco...Cam NEWTON..Huey P. Newton....then Kaepernick kneels the next season....all of that important to Charles Manson and Helter Skelter....
I'm just wondering because of the connection to the Beach Boys Album 20/20....
Plus Super Bowl LIV is the 50th Super Bowl of the Modern Era. 
Since he had to sit "Coach", I wonder if there is a riddle with Ron Rivera the coach? 
He will turn 58 years old in January...
58 was the big number around the Black Panther symbolism. It's why Von Miller # 58 was the MVP and so on..
Peyton Manning=58(rev red) I see now too haha. This was before we knew reverse. 

I also wonder if there is something important to the Broncos considering their owner just died as well. 
Pat Bowlen=36
Cam Newton=36
Denver Colorado=227...the big number in connection to France this year. 

Also I've been documenting about Rihanna a lot again lately. She was important to the coding of Super Bowl 48 in which the Broncos lost bad to the Seahawks...

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