Thursday, June 13, 2019

Hope Solo in the media-Also a Iowa/Herbert Hoover sync today

I might not post much in the next few days. We started moving into our new house tonight, and have a lot more to go. I'm not sure when my internet will be hooked up either. They are supposed to come tomorrow, but I know how they are and it might be weeks before they actually come. 
I'm using my hotspot right now trying to listen to the Gematria Effect and go to bed. 
I went to Yahoo and I see another article about HOPE Solo is the headline. 
Remember how the Slipknot stuff is connected to HOPE and I also mentioned Star Wars: A New HOPE.....think about her name HOPE SOLO reminding us of Han Solo/Star Wars. 
Hope Amelia Solo=310(Rev Francis Bacon)
Also interesting she's born on July 30th which is the 211th day. This is the first story I see and click on in this new house with an address number of 211. 

Also random thing here, but today at work a guy we know came in and was giving my boss crap. Later I started talking to her about his wife, because she posted a funny picture on Facebook. We started talking about how she is a fun person and so on...I told my boss about the meme I made with the last supper and Gold Slipper chicken that this lady wanted to frame and put there. She worked there at the time and so on...I then started thinking about how I used to have "Slipknot's Last Supper" on a bunch of pictures such as Facebook and Myspace. I then looked at the camera because someone was getting diesel and I see a truck with the words "Herbert Hoover" clear as day. It's only funny as Slipknot has the connection to Iowa like Herbert Hoover...and they are playing their first Iowa State Fair on 8/10 this year which was Herbert Hoover's bday. 
Herbert Hoover=211(Francis Bacon)
Herbert Hoover=66(rev red)...just been talking about 66 a bit lately...

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