Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Manson follower Van Houten to remain in prison-August 10th-Pig-Jay Z-Kevin Spacey-Philadelphia

It's funny how I have mentioned the importance of Charles Manson/Marilyn Manson for a while now. 
Now we get this story of Leslie Van Houten not getting parole...
She was involved in the Manson Family Murders of the LaBianca's on none other than August 10th(810). 

Note one of the things they wrote on the wall was "Death to PIGS". 
It's a tribute to the song "Piggies" as well in which I just recently mentioned. 
Think how the Tate Murders were on 8/9 which is the same day that Slipknot is releasing their new album....Paul Gray...The Pig..

It's also why today we got an update story on Kevin Spacey. Remember how the Family Guy episode of Stewie being locked in Kevin Spacey's basement was actually supposed to be Roman Polanski...then they changed it.

Charles Manson died 3 months 10 days after the famous TATE murders as well. 

Think about how Charles Manson is important to the Standing during the National Anthem stuff...which is important to the War of 1812(Canada). 
Francis Scott Key wrote the National Anthem on 9/14 which is the day of the Harvest Moon and Zach will be at Anarchdelphia...
This year will be the 205th year of the National Anthem being written. 
Philadlephia won the Super Bowl after Charles Manson died...
Go Back and Look at my Harvest Moon post, it was all about Philadelphia....Neil Young even wrote the song "Philadelphia" for the film "Philadelphia". 

Is it not funny that just last night I randomly mention Jay-Z in regards to "Annie". Now today we get story of him being the first billionaire rapper? 
Today is 6 months 1 day before his bday. 
Also 181 days after his bday....42nd prime is 181(The Black code). 
Another interesting thing that isn't necessarily connected but...the letters "JZ"=810(eng ext)

Ha I stopped researching for a second and looked up at the TV and it says, "The Piggy 500"...It's an episode of Blaze and the Monster Machines... 

I'm also thinking about PIGGY BANKS too. Think how the Eagles won the Super Bowl at US BANK Stadium and it was all synced up to the 88th anniversary of the Stock Market Crash....Herbert Hoover born on 8/10. 


  1. Look at this story about death to PIGS. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-vietnam-swinefever/vietnam-swine-fever-cull-surges-1-7-million-pigs-dead-idUSKCN1SX0BA

  2. I'm trying to sell a pic of me and my friend and Leslie Van Houten in prison, does anyone know where to go for that