Tuesday, June 11, 2019

2 Therapy Pigs beaten to Death in Kentucky

What an odd story to be in the media? A story of PIGS being beaten to death for no apparent reason? 
They were killed on 6/6. 
Thirty Three=66

Sunnie Howell=157
6/6 was the 157th day of the year. 
Today is 6/11....6X11=66

Something I just noticed about Pigs too..
Pigs=57, 51(reverse)
Helicopter=57, 51(Iowa State Fair)
Moon=57, 51
Mars=57, 51


I wonder if the "Skin" stuff I documented about earlier today has something to do with "PIGment"? 

I remember the number 186 being important a while back..I see that 8/10 is the 186th day of the Pig year..
Pigs=186(eng ext)

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  1. Wow! Notice it said Kentucky community, no specific town, so it would be difficult to verify whether the pigs really did visit nursing homes, etc.