Saturday, June 15, 2019

Keanu Reeves coming up a lot recently-Toronto-Hawaii-What's the point of the Vampire Theme?

I've been seeing a lot of Keanu Reeves lately. I can't think of all the times but it's been at least 5 times on random things. 
I finally started to take screenshots of it the other day. 
A random post about him being a vampire on Facebook. Then I went to CNN later that day and there was a mainstream story of him not touching women in pictures. 

Remember how I just mentioned him too in regards to my friend Tom and Vampires. There is something I'm supposed to "get" with Vampires that I just don't I think. Buffy...The Lost Boys...Keanu Reeves is a Vampire.
What else is interesting is the synchronicity with my friend Jimmy and his grandpa dying the next day. 
Jimmy I have always thought looks like Keanu Reeves. Jimmy also important to Hawaii where he was stationed in the Navy....Keanu's dad is from Hawaii...

Reeves also grew up mostly in Toronto of all places....this around the time of the Raptors winning the NBA Finals. 

Jimmy also the reason I discovered the syncs with Slipknot again. 

Remember my friend Tom shares a bday with Keanu of 9/2 as well....
It leaves 120 days in the year...
Illuminati=120=Drake=Kanye West and so on...France stuff..
I need to rewatch "Interview with the Vampire" as it's important to when I hung out with Jimmy and Tom back in the day it was mostly at our friend Kyle's house...The reason I say this is because Kyle looks like Brad Pitt or at least that's always what the chicks told him, but I can see it. 
Kyles name equals 227 and 914(Jewish)

We also got the story recently of Justin Bieber wanting to fight Tom Cruise...
Also Claudia(Kirsten Dunst) in that film dies in France, but remember she also plays "Mary Jane" in the Spiderman films(born on 8/10). 


  1. I sent you a couple links on Messenger. I'm even seeing local friends post randomly about Keanu. It's amazing how the news and media can influence people

  2. Derek has done so much on the number 1331 as it relates to eclipses and the Metonic Cycle. "Zal Batmanglij" = 1331 Jewish

  3. 1331 relates to the royal family. See Extracapsa blog, best de-coding ever about the royal family right there.

    Hawaii. . . also relevant this year. Sonic's new summer burger or something is called KING'S HAWAII (or Hawaiian) something or another.

  4. Ha! Without searching, I just came across this funny video:

    Also, like you, Dan, I, too, saw the Keanu Reeves touch a woman headline, believe someone shared it on facebook. It's a strange headline, even the way it is worded seems strange to me.

  5. P.S. Notice in the video link that Keanu is wearing a CROWN, again with the king theme.

  6. Dan, do you know if there are any connections between Jimmy Saville and Keanue Reeves? Both have been called "a national treasure".