Monday, June 3, 2019

James Holzhauer loses on Jeopardy today 6/3-Alex Trebek's cancer on 3/6

A perfect day for James Holzhauer to lose on Jeopardy. 
Today is 6/3 or 3/6. 
James Holzhauer=63
Remember Alex Trebek announced his cancer on 3/6. 

Holzhauer is defeated with 42 less games won than Ken Jenning's 74. 
The important numbers to Freemasonry and Jesus. 

It's funny I was looking at the answer to the final Question which was "Christopher Marlowe"....I'm really tired and I dozed off while reading about this guy...when I woke up I noticed it was 6:36pm on 6/3 lol. 
Christopher Marlowe=226....born on 2/26
Died 94 days(end date) after his bday..."Jeopardy"=94
A big thing was that today there were a bunch of Spoilers of this episode online too. 
Holzhauer's first game on the 94th day of the year. 
Without the end date Marlowe died 93 days after his bday in the year 93'. 

I still can't find James Holzhauer's bday. 

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