Sunday, June 23, 2019

Canadian Bacon Film-John Candy-Cool Runnings-Leon and 186

A few have mentioned the film "Canadian Bacon" to me, but I am just now getting around to looking at it. I have never seen the film, although I have heard of it. 
John Candy has a lot of interesting things about him....his bday was Halloween which there is something important too. Plus his name "Candy"...Slipknot's first ever album was released on Halloween....
The most memorable film for me with Candy in it though is "Cool Runnings" which the Jamaican bobsled team goes to CANADA to the Olympics. 
Of course Jamaica reminds us of Haile Selassie and 310. 
Also remember how the guy named "Leon" was in my John Stamos/Garfield video. Leon means Lion...
Leon Robinson...from Above the Rim...also CLIFFhanger.
The film came out on the anniversary of the French Republic and the day Des Moines, Iowa became incorporated too. 
Iowa and Canada both important to France. 
John Candy=186(Franc Baconis)

The big number I was documenting with Lori Loughlin was 186. In my original post about "Leon" Robinson, I mentioned 186 and Lori Louglin and August 10th. 
Pigs=186(eng ext)
Zach's original Youtube taken down 186 days after the car crash on the 186th day of the year. 

Eventually I will get around to watching this film, I just have so many others I'm trying to catch up on as well. Funny too that my favorite kind of pizza is Canadian Bacon with Mushrooms. 

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