Monday, June 3, 2019

Canada has 3 Territories and 10 Provinces-Thoughts on the Toronto Riddle-Little Orphan Annie Video from 2015 and August 10th

I got home to watch part of the 2nd half of the Warriors vs Raptors Game 2. I started thinking about Canada and the Toronto connection with Summer Slam...
Notice Canada is made up of 3 Territories and 10 Provinces..310. 
Plus a good chunk of Canada was part of New FRANCE. 
Canada was the most developed part of New France...

Canada is also important to the War of 1812 that has been an ongoing narrative with Trump as president. 

It makes me think of the South Park film as well, about a War with Canada....I'm only thinking about this because of Team America being important to the 2015 Isis attack in Paris. 

Remember Trump in 2018 we got the stories of Trump imposing Tariffs on Canadian Steel and Aluminum as well. 
Justin Trudeau=48=Donald Trump and so on..
Trudeau will be 48 years old on Christmas Day this year. 
Canada=138=Donald Trump

Trump and Trudeau also met on the 44th day of 2017 just after Trump became president....Then Trump met Pope Francis on his 4th month 4th day as president on the 144th day..
Forty Four=144

I still think there is something important to San Francisco/Philadelphia in all of this. 
Hulk Hogan's revenge on Earthquake at Philadlephia and his bday on the same day as Summer Slam in Toronto...

The Notre Dame fire and the Eagle that landed on the Notre Dame Fan....James Paxton throws the first no hitter in Canada...the guy the Eagle landed on....

Last year Toronto also got the Van Terrorist Attack reminding us of the Nice, France Van Attack on the 227th anniversary of the storming of the Bastille...
Also remember the Toronto Explosion at the Restaurant called "Bombay" something...I mentioned how it reminds me of Gordon Bombay(Duck theme)...also Frances BAY(Happy Gilmore's grandma/Philadelphia)...
Also think about how the Raptors are playing Golden State in BAY area. Bomb Bay...
In D3 the Ducks play the varsity WARRIORS...Also Happy Gilmore tryouts for the Hockey Team in the Warriors jersey...Funny that Happy's favorite team is the Boston Bruins who are currently in the Stanley Cup too. 

Just a random thought here...but 2 nights ago I wanted to watch the film "Blank Check" for some reason. Claire wouldn't go to bed, so I couldn't turn it on...anyway I couldn't figure out what she was watching and then it dawned on me that it was the Jamie Foxx Little Orphan Annie. I've never seen it before, but Claire seemed to really like it. I guess it's just called "Annie". 
Anyway I'm only bringing this up, because that Toronto Van Attack was important to the Death of Mini-Me on Austin Powers....he reminds us of "Just the 2 of Us"...Will Smith/Philadelphia....but also "Hard Knock Life"...which originally comes from Little Orphan Annie. 

I have a video about Little Orphan Annie from 2015 too. Ironically I put it out on 6/2/15 so exactly 4 years ago from me thinking about a possible connection. 

It's funny I went back and watched that video and I talk about how the world premiere of "Annie" before it went to broadway was on August 10th(810). 
I also pointed out the guy who created the comic was Harold at the time I was talking about a theme with "GRAY" which is why Slipknot was so important with Corey Taylor and Kanye West. 
The big number in the video I was showing was 67...which sticks out considering that's a big number with this year being 19 and the 19th prime is 67. 
The Broadway premiere was on Queen Elizabeth II's bday of 4/21 too....think about Kanye singing the QUEEN Song...

Plus think about Mini-Me in regards to Mike Myers....Myers in the film "Bohemian Rhapsody" that is connected to Kanye/Slipknot....And Jamie Foxx also has the connection to Kanye(Slow Jamz/Gold Digger). I see that Jay Z and Will Smith both partially produced the Jamie Foxx "Annie" film too. 

It's just so funny as something that seems so pointless actually is connected back to a major thing I have been following..

While looking at Jamie Foxx's wikipedia for some reason there was a glitch going on...everytime I hovered over a link it would show me Rami Malek...the guy who plays Freddie Mercury on Bohemian Rhapsody....
I'm just putting it here as I'm guessing there is something I'm supposed to see with this guy...He has the 5/12 bday which is the day of the important Philadelphia Trainwreck in 2015/day my uncle Mike died...
The only thing I remember this guy from is the TV Show called "The War at Home", which I really enjoyed years ago. Maybe it's just that obvious and not much to look at? The WAR At HOME? 
The show even premiered on 9/11...2005
Freddie Mercury=911

He also went to school at Notre Dame High School. Interesting it mentions so did Kirsten Dunst and they were in the same musical theater class...
Remember she dies in Interview with the Vampire while they are in FRANCE...the film begins in San Francisco...Louie from Lousiana(France). 
Lestat de LIONcourt...

It's also funny to me that he was in the one man play "Zooman and The Sign" that made him realize he wanted to pursue acting...The play set in Philadelphia....
It's funny because we went to the Zoo earlier today, and all day I was thinking about a possible "Sign" such as something happening when we were by the LIONS..but nothing at all happened. It was just a normal day and now I'm seeing "Zooman and The Sign". 

In regards to Queen Elizabeth II...notice August 10th is 8 months 11 days before her bday and August 11th is 8 months 10 days before her bday. 

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  1. Michael Moore's film "Canadian Bacon" comes to mind too.