Sunday, June 16, 2019

Anthony Davis traded to the Lakers in connection to 34 and LeBron's injury-Philadelphia-King Symbolism

Anthony Davis is traded to the Lakers 3 months 4 days or 96 days after his bday? 
How funny that I just talked about the Kobe narrative with Kevin Durant and this story...
Remember LeBron and Kobe's injuries all about 34. 
LeBron injured on the Lakers 34th game of the season before turning 34. He then came back against the Clippers on 1/31 which was the same team DeMarcus Cousins came back against. Then LeBron sat out in the game against the Warriors 34 days after his 34th bday....The Lakers then lost their 34th game of the season playing the Clippers on 3/4. 

Remember how Magic Johnson blamed Rob Pelinka...Pelinka was Kevin Durant's former agent. 

This also comes 172 days after LeBron got injured on the Lakers 34th game of the season just before LeBron turned 34 years old. 
Anthony Davis=172(reverse)

Also interesting to note that all of the stuff I was documenting with Kobe/Magic/LeBron involved the KING/Royal symbolism. Notice this story comes 152 days before Prince Charles bday and also 213 days after? 
Kobe Bean Bryant=213(Francis Bacon)
The NBA Finals=213
Los Angeles the 213 area code
Los Angeles=213(rev Fra Bacon)
Anthony Davis=152
King Charles=64=Anthony Davis

Today also 311 days before Queen Elizabeth's bday. 
Davis born on 3/11 the 64th prime number. 
The Lakers 34th loss to the Clippers on 3/4 was their 64th game of the season too. 
Also in regards to New Orleans...King Charles married to Henrietta Maria of France....

This also comes 9 months 23 days after Kobe's bday. 
LeBron James=923(Jewish)

Honestly with the Allen Iverson makes me wonder if next year we don't get a Lakers vs 76ers NBA Finals again. 
Lonzo Ball born on the annivesary of Philadelphia...
Kobe from Philadelphia....announced his retirement 34 days after Philadelphia's anniversary.
Josh Hart born on the 65th day of the year..Also played for Villanova the Philadelphia team that beat UNC(Michael Jordan) in 2016 in the March Madness tournament. 
Philadelphia the capital of Jordan/Earthquakes so on...
Today is also 101 days after Hart's bday...
Philadelphia=65, 101

Kobe tore his achilles age 34 and scored 43 points getting the Lakers their 34th win of the season that game. 
Then comes back in the 34th week of his injury in a game against Toronto who just won the NBA Finals....Also the team he scored 81 points against. 
Toronto important to the Philadelphia narrative with Summer Slam/Hulk Hogan/Earthquake....
This trade comes 134 days before Lonzo/Philadelphia's bday...
Summer Slam=134
King Charles III=134
Tisha Bav=134
Luke Walton=134(Now coach of the KINGS)
Walton became a Cavalier(King Charles) the same season Kobe tore his achilles. 
Walton stepped down as Lakers coach on the anniversary of Kobe tearing his achilles(4/12). 
I got that comment on my old Kobe video 3 months 4 days before Summer Slam...then Durant injures his achilles 34 days later...Achilles killed by PARIS reminding us of France. 

Brandon Ingram's bday is 79 days after today. 
New Orleans Pelicans=79
Brandon Xavier Ingram=101


  1. Hey man. Blues Raptors = 218 Francis Bacon 166 ordinal. Ole Chris Pratt had the pet Blue Raptor named Blue