Monday, June 10, 2019

David Ortiz's only World Series MVP was against the St. Louis Cardinals-Boston vs St. Louis Stanley Cup-Asiana Flight 214

Looking further at the David Ortiz story...
His only World Series MVP was in 2013 when the Boston Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals...
Interesting how we have the Boston Bruins playing the St. Louis Blues right now too...
Boston won 5-1 today..
Boston Bruins=51, 168
Big Papi=168(eng ext)
Dominican Republic=168
I see on Zach's blog that the Bruins will be 16-8 in the playoffs if they win the Stanley Cup. 
Red Sox=168(Franc Baconis)
Thirty Two=168(rev Franc Baconis)

Also today being 6/9 is interesting...
World Series=69

It's also interesting this story comes 4 months 13 days before the World Series begins this year. 
San Francisco=413
Remember how baseball and the 109th World Series were connected to the Asiana Flight 214 crash in San Francisco? 
Two Fourteen=162, 135
Sum Ting Wong=162, 135
It crashed on July 6th...
Seventy Six=162
Sixty Seven=162
San Francisco=76

It also happened on the 97th day of the MLB season and the Red Sox won 9 to 7 that day. 
The Red Sox and the Cardinals both finished the season with 97 wins too. 
It was also 109 days before the 109th WS and the Red Sox beat "Los Angeles"=109. 

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