Friday, June 21, 2019

Jeff Franklin creator of Full House bought the Tate Murder House-Sharon Tate Pregnant-Vampire Theme-Jack Nicholson's(Joker) relationship with Polanski

Zenith left me a comment about Jeff Franklin the creator of Full House buying the Tate Murder house. Remember John Stamos/Uncle Jesse/Uncle Hermes was important to the Beach Boys and Kokomo/Trolls too. 

Here's the wikipedia showing Franklin bought that house. 
What else is interesting is my old info in regards to John Stamos was about the bridge symbolism and the Golden Gate Bridge. Later in the year I started talking about the connections to the FRANKLIN Bridge in Philadelphia. 

Interesting too that Franklin produced "The Garry Shandling Show". Remember the death of Garry Shandling was a big reason why the Miami Dolphin stuff was noticed to be important to me at the end of 2016. I keep saying this year reminds me of that time with Montagraph and what not. 

Also Sharon Tate being 8 and a half months pregnant when she makes me think of the baby cut from the womb story we recently got....that girl had connections to Des Moines, Iowa where Slipknot is from. 

Also in regards to the number 310 being important..
Polanski's rape on 3/10..
Manson dying 3 months 10 days after the annivesary of Tate Murders...
Remember Buffy the Vampire Slayer all about the number 310...
Sharon Tate starred in the film "The Fearless Vampire Killers" with Roman Polanski. This is the film in which their relationship with each other also began. 

I just searched my notepad because I know back in 2014 I had documented something about it. Notice I talk about Jack Nicholson being friends with Roman Polanski. Also Roman Polanski was arrested at Jack Nicholson's house after the rape of the 13 year old..
Think about how Batman has been important to why Slipknot is important. 
Nicholson the Joker...
The new Batman is going to be Edward from Twilight(Vampire). 

Also interesting the guy who wrote the book Rosemary's Baby was born exactly 46 years before Haile Selassie died...He died 73 years after Charles Manson's bday. 
Sacrifice=46, 73 ? 

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