Monday, June 17, 2019

Rosemary's Baby in connection to my Recent Blog Post-Gloria Vanderbilt and the Beatles-Helter Skelter-France-Synchronicity with Miss Piggy

Is it not interesting Zach has been covering Rosemary's Baby lately? I have never even seen the film, but I remember other people talking about it in the past on his radio show. He just recently started talking about it....I just find it interesting as it's connected to a topic I have been covering as well with Charles Manson and August 10th and so on..
It all stuck out to me today though when I see he posted about Roman Polanski's rape on 3/10....haha yet again the 310...
Also interesting that Rosemary is from Omaha, which I live next to and have covered a ton over the years. 

Lakers LeBron WWE-Rosemary's Baby
It's also interesting as I searched my blog to see if I have ever posted about this film. The only time I can find on my blog was back on November 19th in which I talked about the Royal Symbolism with the Lakers and LeBron James and the WWE. 
I called it Summer Slam in the post but it was actually "Survivor Series". 
Enzo Amore got kicked out in the stands, but he had just released an album called "Rosemary's Baby"...

It's just almost like synchronicity considering Zach is out of nowhere talking about this...and the only post I have is connected to the Info I was talking about last night in my video about LeBron James/Anthony Davis/Royal Family. In fact the post I mentioned in the video was the post I made just a day after the above blog post. 
The David Arquette stuff was the reason I even noticed a Theme with Buffy the Vampire Slayer too. We got that story just after his lost the bloody Death Match about Buffy in her Lingerie. I knew there was something important to Buffy at the time...then Luke Perry died in connection to my post about Buffy...and Buffy keeps showing up...Buffy connected to 310(Roman Polanski). 

I honestly have not been home much to even look into many of these stories in the media. I see there was a story about Anderson Coopers mother dying today....her name is Gloria Vanderbilt....just makes me think of the College World Series in Omaha in which Vanderbilt is playing. 

You know it's related as well considering Paul McCartney wrote a song based on her life. 
Helter Skelter...The Beatles...Charles Manson

Remember the song "PIGGIES" is important as well. I have been saying since November there is a big connection just like 2016/2017 between these events connected to my life and Zach's. 
I'm even 8 months 11 days exactly older than him. 
It's a Chinese Pig Year....The number 166 being really important with Montagraph and my synch with Zach's radio show..

I swear right as the wrote the word "Piggies" above I heard the TV Say something about "Piggy doesn't like me". I look up to see some Muppets cartoon Claire is watching. 

Miss Piggy's biography says she grew up in Keystone, Iowa? I mean come on....I'll just write it on the blog even though I shouldn't....My cousin and his wife who are in Granger Smith's documentary are important to Miss Piggy as well. His wife used to be overweight and one time my Uncle Freddy called her "Miss Piggy"(not to her face). It has stuck with me forever though...Remember Freddy born on 8/10. Go back and watch my video on it though...I mentioned my Aunt's brother who was shot in Sioux Falls that made CNN in 2015....If you go back to the time of that video, I was talking all about "Keystone" and the Keystone Service(Train) that goes through Pennsylvania/Philadelphia. The reason was because he was shot at Harrisburgh High School and the Keystone Service ends in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. There was all sorts of Train Symbolism in that year...the Philadelphia Train Wreck...The French(Thalys) Attack....2015 important to Back to the Future and the Train Time Machine...Also a Trainwreck in Vermont which was close to where my Aunt's mother lives. 
Nicholas Winton who saved Jews on the Train died....The movie Trainwreck came out...a bunch of other stuff I can't remember. 
Pennsylvania the Keystone State. 

The band Train has an album called "Save Me San Francisco" that came out on the Philadelphia's anniversary too. 

Gloria Vanderbilt also grew up in FRANCE of all places. 

Roman Polanski also from France and fled to France during his trial for the rape case. 
Think about how August 10th(810) is important to France...and we just got the story about the Manson Family member not getting parole for the murder she committed on 8/10. 
Also remember the Kevin Spacey stuff was connected to Roman Polanski...Family Guy was supposed to say Roman Polanski locked Stewie in his basement, but they changed it to Kevin Spacey. 
Also Anthony Rapp accused Kevin Spacey of sexual allegations and Rapp was in the Musical Rent. That musical begins on Christmas Eve which is why Kevin Spacey made the "Let's Be Frank" video on Christmas Eve. Frank in Regards to France...but the song "Everyone has Aids" from Team America was a parody of RENT. Team America was connected to the 2015 France Attack and even opens up with a terrorist attack in France. Then goes to the song "Everyone has Aids"...then CHARLIE Sheen announced he had HIV. Charlie Hebdo...Prince Charles and so on..
Spacey was also connected to Charles Manson and the death of David Cassidy-Stand By Me-Big Bang stuff...
Kevin Spacey Fowler....Amy Fowler(Big Bang)

I'm gonna have to check out that film Rosemary's Baby now. 


  1. Gloria Vanderbilt born under a Blood Moon. Saros Series #122 on February 20th 1924. San Francisco on the 122nd West meridian. June 17th The Golden Gate Bridge turned 1097 lunar sidereal months old on a date leaving 197 days. Anderson turned 19,007 days old the day she died. She turned 1179 lunar sidereal months old just before she died which means she died in her 1180th lunar synodic month a span of 118 days after her bday.

    I knew Bezos would find his way into the news since he turned 741 lunar sidereal months old on the 17th. Saturn = 741. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez criticizing his company for low wages. June 17th was 118 days before her bday.

    So all this happened with a Full Moon in the Golden Gate which no one else seems to be picking up on. The Full Moon was at maximum illumination right as it hit 266° of the ecliptic the location of the galactic center/black hole/golden gate. Strangely my grandmother was born exactly 266 days before Gloria Vanderbilt.

    1. ***the current location is 267° with the of date and still 266° with the J2000***

    2. **the 1179/1180 should be synodic months

  2. Train's first release "Hey Soul Sister" from the album "Save Me San Francisco" was released August 11, 2009!! Are you kidding me, not another 8/11 connected to San Francisco....

  3. Okay Dan, now you have me looking closer at the group Train, lol. The lead singer's (Patrick Monahan) wiki page is interesting. There is a section showing the times he sang the National Anthem. He just happened to sing the National Anthem this past June 13, 2019 at the final game of the NBA playoffs at Oracle Arena. An "Oracle" is a person or agency considered to provide wise and insightful counsel or prophetic predictions or precognition of the future, inspired by the Gods...