Thursday, September 13, 2018

Unfriended: Dark Web and weird Text message thing that happened to me today-Hovering Lights in the sky reminding me of 9/10/2001 UFO story

Today has been a crazy weird day. Last night my girlfriend wanted to watch the film "The Nun". I found it online but the quality was terrible and we figured we would wait for a better one. We usually watch "scary" movies together and we both wanted to see the movie above(Unfriended: Dark Web) so we watched it instead.  I liked the first film as it was basically about a ghost that gets revenge through social media, so I figured the 2nd one would be something similar. It was similar but had nothing to do with ghosts. This film was about Hackers who were basically playing a murderous game with the people on Skype...similar to the first one, but it was about murderous hackers. Anyway the film for sure had some underlying meaning to it in regards to the world that we are currently living. These hackers were the best I've seen in film and could pretty much do anything and see everything to anyone they wanted. 
They even make fun of "Conspiracy" theory in the film, yet at the end the conspiracy theory proves to be true...

Anyway when the movie was over, I was talking to my girlfriend how sometimes I wonder if something of the sort is how I have so much synchronicity with the tv and what not....but at the same time that's not really possible without mind manipulation to turn a certain thing it happens even without technology....I just remember talking to her about it for a while though, as it really could be part of what's going on, and no doubt super technology is being used to monitor us to an extent. 

So today I was at work and my girlfriend texts me a weird message asking "OK do you want me to come over now?". 
She knew I was at work, so I couldn't figure out why she asked me that, so I asked her "Come over where?"....I thought possibly she was texting her mom and sent it to me on accident. Then she responded with "Huh?". I then told her I was talking about the message she sent me....She then said she didn't send me that message so I took a screen shot of it and sent it to her. Then she took a screen shot of her phone proving that she didn't send the message. She swears she didn't delete it or anything and had no idea what I was talking about. We both then reminded each other of the movie from last night and how strange it is that this just happened. I still have no idea where that message came from or who from....but it says it came from my girlfriends phone, yet she didn't send it....See the screenshots below...hopefully it will make more sense. 

I figured when I got home I would look into the film. Then when I went to take a screen shot of the wikipedia page, my computer froze up completly and I had to turn it off in order to fix it. 
I took this picture with my phone to show it was froze up. 
The funny thing is that in the film the guys computer freezes up and crashes a bunch and then he realizes it's cause the hard drive is full....then he finds a bunch of hidden video files of the hackers crimes on the computer....

I figured I would check my hard drive space and just thought it was funny I have 69 GB of free space. I haven't had any problems with this computer until a few days ago when trying to create the Mac Miller "Nike" video that kept freezing my computer at 69 percent. 
So who knows...

After work I pretty much went straight to band practice...which I just got home from about half hour ago....
On my way home I saw a strange set of lights in the sky that were really low to the ground. It seemed as if an airplane was just hovering over the interstate and when I got closer I slowed way down to figure out what it was. I still have no idea, I don't think it was Aliens or anything like that, but whatever it was, it was not moving and just sitting in the same spot in the sky about as high as 2 to 3 telephone poles. I mean I slowed way down and I can't imagine an airplane being able to just sit in the same spot like this. Even if it was somehow an airplane the reason I'm writing about it is because it brought back old memories of 9/10/2001 when we saw a UFO in Beebeetown Iowa that was similar to what I saw tonight. I wasn't too far off of BeeBeetown tonight either which made it even more interesting to me.....Just posting this because the last time this happened we got 9/11 the next day, so it just makes me wonder if something may occur tomorrow. Possibly not, but documenting it because it was somewhat a similar experience. 


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