Thursday, June 27, 2019

Kamala Harris in relation to 8/10 and San Francisco

I'm trying to listen to the Gematria Effect while doing a bunch of other things..but I just heard Zach say something about Kamala Harris and how she's not technically black..which reminds me of David Ortiz. 
Anyway, reading through her information I find it interesting she is part Jamaican...just in regards to the Haile Selassie riddle and 310..810(Lion). 

It's also interesting she's from the San Francisco Bay area. 
I see her bday is 2 months 10 days after 8/10..
San Francisco California=210
Kamala Harris=222(Franc Baconis)
8/10 the 222nd day. 
Also it's 71 days..
Kamala Devi Harris=71
Her bday leaves 71 days in the year. 
Also earlier on the Gematria Effect Zach asked if anyone knew the riddle with "71" and the Democratic Debate. 

It's also interesting that is says her name comes from the Sanskrit for "Lotus Flower". 
Possibly nothing but in regards to the 1st black president, it reminds me of the Pink Lotus Flower in "I Pet Goat II" in which Obama starts sweating when he sees it. 

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  1. Seven7one1 covered the Lotus Flower and Obama in his latest video