Monday, June 17, 2019

Iowa Stories in the media lately

A story today about Des Moines, Iowa in the mainstream. 
Des Moines, Iowa=61

We also got the story of the baby cut fromt the womb dying on June 14th...The baby's mother lived in Des Moines in 2017 and her father is from Des Moines. 

Just thinking about the Slipknot narrative and how it connects to Des Moines. 

We've also got stories recently such as this story about the Iowa Caucuses...
Have to love they say Biden and Warren at 61 percent according to the Des Moines Register Poll. 

Nearly 8 of 10? Like how Slipknot is playing the Iowa State Fair for the first time on 8/10. 

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  1. Did you pick up on that caller mentioning looking forward ti going to a slipknot concert this summer on Zach's radio show?