Monday, June 10, 2019

Helicopter Crashes into New York City Building-Trump says he was Batman in Helicopter-Philadelphia-Cleveland Earthquake

I saw this story at work today. 
Helicopter=57, 111
New York=111
New York City=57

Funny how I've been mentioning the connection to Donald Trump saying he was Batman at the Iowa State in a Helicopter being important.....then we get the Helicopter crash in the Hudson...and now this story of a Helicopter crashing in New York. 
The Hudson crash was on 5/15 which is the area code for Des Moines where the Iowa State Fair is held.
The 610 area code is in Philadelphia which is the area of importance I keep mentioning...
Plus today is also written as 10/6 which is why the Warriors won with 106 points..
The Philly Train Wreck in 2015 had 106 on it...
The Capital of the country Jordan was Philadelphia until the year 106 AD and then destroyed by Earthquakes....

We also got an Earthquake near Cleveland today...
Cleveland has been important to the Narrative with Philadelphia and the Warriors for a long time...


  1. There were two plane crashes in Florida in either May or April. I'm sure there have been more, but those two stood out.

  2. You're the first one to mention the earthquake in Cleveland. No one else reported on it.