Thursday, June 6, 2019

Granger Smith's son dies in tragic accident-Granger's recent Documentary has my cousin and his wife in it

The first thing that sticks out to me seeing this story is that he posted on Instagram from Georgetown, Texas...
Just odd considering the Allen Iverson I documented about yesterday...Iverson went to Georgetown. 
River Smith=66
This story comes on 6/6....

It's interesting too that I just recently documented about how I was getting phone calls before events happen in certain places. Today right when I got off work a number from Texas called me...I haven't had any calls from anywhere lately except for this same 888 number that calls about 5 times a I wonder if this phone call wanted me to see the Texas part of this story? Or if we are going to get something important to Texas in the near future? We will see..
The 66's are interesting as they were important with the Mandy Moore stuff and more. 

Plus this kids name being River makes me think of River Phoenix and Garth Brooks "The River". 

This happens 90 days before Granger's bday. It says his alter ego is Earl Dibbles Jr.
Earl Dibbles Jr=90
Tragic Accident=90

With the end date this story comes 9 months 3 days or 276 days after his bday. 
Granger Kelly Smith=93
Granger Smith=276(FB)

I feel like I have looked this guy up before for something, but I can't remember what it was? 
I wonder if it was just from DJing and someone requested a song of his? 
The only song I see I have of him is "Bury Me in Blue Jeans" from his first album...

So I also got a notification on my phone today that is synced up with my old Facebook account. It was a message from a guy I am DJing for in a couple weeks, but I couldn't read the message because I don't have messenger on my phone. I went to Facebook a bit ago and logged into the old account and I have no new message from that person which is weird....This post of my cousin Craig's wife popped up though. Her brother committed suicide from PTSD in 2012 after fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
I have never met her brother, nor have I seen her for a good amount of time....I did however see her husband(my cousin) Craig only maybe a month back for the first time in long time. They live about an hour away from me, but he stopped at the store I work at because he was in town for his job. 

I wonder if this is why I have looked this guy up before?  Granger Smith apparently wrote a movie documentary called "They Were There: A Hero's Documentary" in which he tells the story of 5 different US of whom just so happens to be her brother(Dillion). I mean out of the soldiers who have died over the years...what are the odds this guy would have a documentary of a guy I'm somewhat connected to? 

It's important to everything I've been talking about with this year too, but I don't want to explain it on the blog. It involves my Uncle Freddy though who was born on 8/10 and the Chinese Year. 

He died 5 months 8 days after his bday? 
Makes me wonder if he really committed suicide...

 Think about that documentary as well in regards to his son dying on D-Day..

River Smith died 6 months 8 days after Granger put his documentary up on Youtube. 
Granger Smith=68

I just watched the documentary and after they do the intro it goes to a scene at his house. It starts with him giving his son River a kiss saying "Goodbye Buddy" even. My cousin and his wife are both in the documentary as well(24:30 area)....It sucks that it's such a propaganda film of patriotism though. I mean it's sad these people died, but my whole life I've never understood this fake idea of "Freedom"'s why one of my first bands was called "Freedumb" even. It really makes me sick seeing how many people have died for this bullshit, and even more sick how many people think it's such a righteous cause. 
All of these things going on though, really make me think we have a war coming up in the next few years.

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  1. I'm with you, Dan. It makes me sick that people simply parrot what is told to them. Television has created lazy minds. Not one of the wars of the last or this century was fought for our freedoms. Not one. People criticized the Westboro folks who denounced war and soldiers, and I get it that they were rather tacky with their approach, but they were right with their position.

    Isn't this child's death by his parents absolutely horrifying/terrifying? How brainwashed or cold-blooded does a person have to be to do that to their own child or to anyone's child for that matter?