Monday, June 24, 2019

Beth Chapman from Dog the Bounty Hunter in a Coma

This story comes 4 months 6 days before Beth Chapman's bday. 
Beth Chapman=46

It also comes 141 days after Dog's bday. 
Bounty Hunter=141

Remember on December 18th I had synchronicity with her too. It was 51 days after her 51st bday. 
She is still 51 years old. 
Dog=51(Franc Baconis)
South Park=51(my sync)

My sync was 46 days before Dog's bday. 

Also interesting...
Hawaii=101(Franc Baconis)
Duane Chapman=101
Dog=26...26th prime is 101

Also in regards to my sync with South was the episode where "IKE" the Canadian character is having sex with his teacher. 
Ike=51(Francis Bacon)

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  1. Caroline Kennedy will be speaking at the Mayors Conference in Waikiki this weekend