Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Magic Johnson named Lakers President of basketball Operations-Lou Williams traded

The Lakers name Magic Johnson as President of basketball operations today 2/21/17. 
Notice CNN's article came out at 3:18pm. 

Remember Magic Johnson came out of retirement after getting HIV on 1/30/1996....which was 318 days after Michael Jordan came back out of retirement. Jordan announced he was coming back on 3/18. 
Jordan wore # 45 for 22 games then switched back to # 23 on his 23rd game. Jordan was 32 years old. 
Magic wore # 32 and played 32 regular season games in his return. Magic's rookie year was the Lakers 32nd season. He also announced his HIV age 32. 

They also traded Lou Williams today for Corey Brewer and a first round draft pick today. 
Magic Johnson=56, 65, 128
Magic announced his HIV on 11+7+19+91=128
Lou Williams=56, 146
Corey Brewer=65, 137
Earvin Johnson=65

Lou Williams born on 10/27 which leaves 65 days in the year. 
Brewer born on 3/5 which during a leap year is the 65th day. 

Los Angeles Lakers=175(simple)
Houston Rockets=175 (reverse)
Magic Johnson finished his career against the Rockets. 

Magic returned to the Lakers on 2/2. 
2/2 is the 33rd day.
Thirty Three=66
Corey Brewer=137....the 33rd prime number. 
Jerry Buss owned 66 percent of the Lakers and divided it up between his 6 kids when he died. 
He owned the Lakers for 33 years. 
Jerry Buss=137
Buss bought the team in 1979-80 season which was also Magic's rookie season. 

Lakers also fired Mitch Kupchak 3 months 3 days before his bday. 
Mitch Kupchak=52, 124
February 21st is the 52nd day of the year. 
Mitch Kupchak=65(reverse reduced)
Magic's final game was on 5/2..1996 against the Rockets. 

In regards to 32...the Lakers coach Luke Walton was the 32nd pick in the draft and he also wore # 32 when he played for the Cavaliers. 
Notice his final game he only played 3:18. 

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