Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Carrie Fisher dies..Royal Family, Death of R2D2 and connections to my first copyright strike and more

Carrie Fisher dies on 12/27/16. 
Goodbye Princess Leia=95, 203
203 a special number connected to 318(Charles, Diana)
Three Hundred Eighteen=113, 203
Carrie Frances Fisher=113
George Lucas=113

Notice with the End date she died 68 days after her bday. 
Prince Charles=68...Just turned 68 on 11/14. 

Without the End date it was 2 months 6 days. 
Elizabeth II became Queen on 2/6...coronated on 6/2. 
Born in 26'...Became Queen 75/74 days(leap year) before her 26th bday. 
Queen=26, 62
Carrie Fisher=74
Went to gate 74. 

Fisher dies age 60 year 2 months 6 days. (626)
Something I pointed out a long time ago was 3/29 to 6/26 is 89 days. Also 6/26 to 9/23 is 89 days.....329...923...The 9/23 stuff got big in 2015 when Elizabeth II turned 89 years old. 
Gay Marriage was also legalized on 6/26 that year...
June 26th is also 26/6....Pope Francis the 266th Pope...9/23 the 266th day of the year. 
Pope Francis' 1,189th day being the Pope was Donald Trumps 70th bday..
Donald J Trump=1189(Jewish)
Pope Francis began his trip to the US on 9/19 the 262nd day of the year. Obama went to Cuba 26 weeks 2 days later. 

Fisher dies 26 weeks 2 days after 6/26 this year. 
With the End date it would be 6 months 2 days. 
End Date=26
End Date Included=62
R2D2 Actor Kenny Baker dies connections to my Youtube Copyright Strikes
Brazil Film 9/11 Predictive Programming 318
R2D2 Actor Dies Youtube Video
If you haven't checked out the Links above I would do so. Remember we also got the death of R2D2 actor on 8/13...the reflection of 318...He was in the movie Time Bandits. My first ever Youtube copyright claim was about The Adventures of Baron Munchausen which is part of the Trilogy along with Brazil and Time Bandits. I put the video out on the 262nd day, the copyright struck it 262 days later and more. 
9+19+20+14=62 (day I put the video out)
Baron Munchausen had Robin Williams as the King of the MOON....Charles bday on the closest Super Moon since 48'...Diana the goddess of the Moon. 
Funny too in the video I even talk about the Miami Dolphins and Jodie Foster-Arian Foster-Cameron Wake. 
Foster tore his achilles playing the Dolphins on 10/25...then Cameron Wake tore his achilles playing the Patriots on 10/29. 

Carrie Fisher beat out Jodie Foster for the part of Princess Leia. 
She's also in the film Fanboys that came out on 2/6..2009. In that movie it's like Star Trek vs Star Wars....I wonder if that has anything to do with Ace Ventura doing the Star Trek impersonation when he first gets into Snowflake's tank? 
LucasFilm headquartered in San Francisco...think about INDIANA Jones as well. 

I also find it odd that director of the 3 movies(Time Bandits, Munchausen, Brazil) is also famous for "The FISHER KING". A movie starring Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges(The Big Lebowski). 
Terry Gilliam=68=Prince Charles
68 a big number in regards to 9/11 as well. 

Anyway another thing I noticed is that Carrie Fisher's step mom at one time was Elizabeth Taylor which I'm sure is connected to the Queen Symbolism. Elizabeth Taylor a gay Icon...Fisher was also partners with a gay guy named Bryan Lourd. They even have 1 kid together. 

Notice on Wiki it says their kid born on 7/17...so exactly 45 years before Princess Camilla. 

Fisher also married to Paul Simon at one point in her life. 
Notice he's originally from QUEENS too. 
Bday of 10/13....113

Simon even sang Bridge Over Troubled Water at the Democratic National Convention this year. 

I don't know the whole point but there is something about this film that she is in as well that is significant I think. 
I talked about this movie back when Freddie Gray died on 4/19. 
Drop Dead Fred came out on 4/19/91...109th day with 256 left. 
Later that year we got the death of Wes Craven....
Freddys Dead came out on 9/13...the 256th day with 109 left. 
Notice the Plot as well....Elizabeth who is separated from her Husband Charles...
Los Angeles=109(where fisher died)

Interesting Fisher dies 113 days before the 26th anniversary of Drop Dead Fred too. 


  1. Star wars force awakens was released around Saturnalia and she dies just after Saturnalia this year haha