Wednesday, December 7, 2016

6.5 Earthquake in Indonesia's Aceh Province kills 25...11-11-11 2004 Earthquake/Tsunami

Just got off work and saw this story on CNN. 
A 6.5 Earthquake in Aceh Province of Indonesia. 
Aceh Province=65
Pidie Jaya=44

This Story comes on the 60th anniversary of the Aceh area of Indonesia being established as well. 

Aceh, Indonesia=107, 62
Earthquake=107, 44

Cnn gives us this picture of a collapsed mosque minaret. 
Mosque Minaret=62
Aceh, Indonesia=62

Aceh is also the area where the 2004 Earthquake and Tsunami were in Indonesia. 
Tsunami=25, 97
It happened on 12+26+20+04=62
The 25th prime is 97  also notice the 25 people killed in the story above. 

Not sure of the meaning but notice that Earthquake/Tsunami happened exactly 11 years 11 months 11 days ago. 
This happening on 12/7 might be a possible reason. 
The 31st prime number is 127. 
The 11th prime number is 31. 

Possibly nothing but the 2004 Earthquake was originally reported as an 8.8. 
A lot of 88 stuff this year. 


  1. Interesting, the day before Larry Bird turns 60.

  2. Dan the man, I think the Clippers vs Cavs sounds possible. You may want to do some digging, from a numerology perspective it seems fair.