Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mall of America hosts first Black Santa-323 reindeer struck by lightning

This story was on the bottom of CNN's headline list today. 
Saint Nick=55
Satan=55 (Old Nick is a reference to Satan)
Mall of America=55
Bloomington=55 (Where the Mall is located)
Notice this story comes 23 days before Christmas as well. 
Twenty Three=55
In regards to sports also remember the Timberwolves play in Minneapolis. 
Target Center=55

Remember last year around this time we got the death of Scott Weiland in Bloomington? 
Scott Weiland=55

Larry Jefferson=73, 172
Notice They Highlight what he said in the article too. 
"Santa is still just Santa"=55

Mall=71 (Jewish)
African American=71

While I'm on the Topic of Santa, I just want to re point out that origins of him and his reindeer go back to Norse God "Odin". 
Odin supposedly rode in the sky on an 8 legged horse and originally there were only 8 reindeer in the santa story. Rudolph wasn't introduced until 1939. 

The Reindeer story supposedly comes from the 1823 poem called "A Visit from St. Nicholas" AKA "The Night Before Christmas". 
A visit from St. Nicholas=252
The night before Christmas=252

Possibly connected but: 
Two Hundred Fifty Two=94
December Twenty Fifth=94

The Mall of America also opened on 8+11+92=111
Santa Claus=111
Santa Claus=666(English)

So as I'm typing this up I'm listening to the Gematria Effect on and Zach mentioned the story about 323 reindeer struck by lightning in August. 

We got that story 3 months 3 days before this Black Santa story. 
Norway=33 (where the reindeer died)

Donner and Blitzen were actually named after Dunder and Blixem that mean Thunder and Lightning in Dutch. 
Blitzen=34, 88
Donner=34, 70

The area they found these reindeer was called Hardangervidda. 
Hardangervidda=71, 116
African American=71, 116

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