Monday, December 5, 2016

Death of Jayaraman Jayalalithaa(Amma)- Donald Trump 9/11

Jayaraman Jayalithaa=68, 185
Donald John Trump=68, 185
Notice she dies age 68. 

She was the 1st female Chief Minister. 
Chief Minister=75, 138
Donald Trump=48, 138

Her being an actual Indian makes me wonder as well. We have all of these Native American stories right now making everyone think of Indians. All because of the bogus story we are taught about how Christopher Columbus thought he had landed in India lol. 

Notice it says in 2001 she added an additional "A" to her name for numerology purposes. Ha So Her name should equal 67 and 184. 

CNN says she's better known as just "Jayalaithaa"=38, 101

They give us a tweet about it at 1:01pm

She was a famous actress turned Politician which reminds us of Ronald Reagan/Donald Trump as well. 
She starred in 125 films and dies on 12/5? 

She died 74 days after being admitted to the hospital. 

Also dies 9 months 11 days after her 68th bday. 
Remember all the connections to 68 and 9/11. 
George Bush born 68 days before 9/11. Graduated Yale/Skull and Bones in 68'....The same year 9-1-1 was made the emergency dialing code. WTC construction began on 6/8/68(Aug..8th 68'). 
It was 33 years before 9/11/01. 
Sixty Eight=56
Osama Bin Laden=56=Adolf Hitler=Saddam Hussein=President=Isis

She also starred in 28 films with M.G. Ramachandran. 

Her nickname was "Amma"=28

Notice he died 28 years ago. 
Interesting too he was born on 1/17/17...
It just reminds me of the date House of Windsor was established on 7/17/17..
There's been a lot of 17 stuff lately too. Possibly building us up for the year 17'. 

There's something about the number 53 with her too. 
The CNN article mentions a 53 year old. 
Amma began acting 53 years ago. 
She added the "A" to her name in 2001 most likely when she was 53 years old. 

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