Thursday, December 29, 2016

March 24th and the 318 connection to SB 51 and Royal Family

Something interesting in regards to the Super Bowl date and March 24th...
It's 318 days before SB 51 also 10 months 12 days. 
It's also normally the 83rd day of the year. 
It also can be written 24/3...

August 31st or 31/8 is normally the 243rd day. It's the day Princess Diana died. It's also the day of the Worst ever recorded East Coast Earthquake in CHARLESton in 1886. 

March 24th also the day King James became the King. He was Charles I's father. 

James became King after Elizabeth I died. 

It's also the day Thomas E Dewey was born who is connected to all of the Charles/Trump 48 stuff. 

Have to remember to this date in case it starts coming up in the media.