Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cindy Stowell wins again on Jeopardy. 41, 44, 135

I just watched Cindy Stowell's 2nd day of Jeopardy. 
She got the daily double with $4,400. She got the answer wrong and went down to $3,100. 

Anyway after missing the daily double, she answers the next question correctly giving her $4,100. 
Remember she died age 41. 
The first episode aired on 12+13+16=41

She goes into Final Jeopardy with a $4,100 lead. 

Everyone got the final Answer wrong. She answered Hemingway but the answer was actually John Steinbeck. 
John Steinbeck=135

She finished with a two day total of $31,000. I wonder what she will finish with by the end of her run on the show? 
If she gets 2nd tomorrow she will finish with $33,000 which would be fitting. 
I'm thinking either $41,000 or 44,000.  
We will see but it's obviously scripted.

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  1. Good work Dan! These people are psychotic, they even have to script jeopardy games lol.

    If you add up their totals before final jeopardy it adds up to $32,100 (13500+9200+9400=32,100)
    'Dollar Sign'=321 in Jewish gematria