Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cindy Stowell filming day error I made, but it actually makes more sense the correct way.

I misread  a piece to the Cindy Stowell story. It only affects 1 tiny piece in my original post on this though. I thought this said her episode filmed 3 weeks after 8/31. It actually says it filmed 8/31 and her audition was 3 weeks prior. 
Also interesting as it was 31/8 as well. 
Anything that adds to 53(Simple) is always 318(English)

If it was exactly 3 weeks prior it makes a lot of sense. 
4 months and 4 days before her episode airs she gets her tryout. 
I've also noticed a lot of 108 interrelated on her episodes. 
Fifty Five=108
Eighty One=108
Of course August 10th was the 223rd day this year as well. 

 It leaves 122 days in the year. 
Fifty Three=122

I'm going back to bed for a bit though. I went to work earlier only to find out that I don't work until tomorrow. Best day ever. 

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