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Gary Shandling cause of death-the connection of 318 and 1012...Dan Marino Simpsons episode-Dolphins Bullying Scandal-Denison, Iowa-The Bodyguard-Whitney Houston Dolly Parton-Warren Beatty

I'm sitting here while my daughter is watching the Jungle Book. I'm sort've rewatching Ace Ventura at the same time looking some stuff up.  Anyway I see this article about Gary Shandling on Yahoo. 

How interesting the last movie he was in was of course..The Jungle Book. 

Anyway I thought why is he in the news when he died a while back. 
Since I was looking up Ace Ventura for SB 51 stuff I figured I'd look to see how far away Shandling's death was to the SB.

It's 318 days of course. 
What stands out the most to me with this though is the fact that 318 days is also 10 months 12 days. 
Like the Dolphins score on the first game of this season losing to the SEAHAWKS. 
Also the Texans score after Clinching the Division after beating the Bengals....It gets better in a second...
Death of Garry Shandling Short Post
Funny in my post on him, I talked about how there was a story in regards to Japan killing 333 whales. Remember how Southpark's first episode came out on 8/13...1997. 

It reminds me of the 192nd episode of South Park as well.. Remember Japan kills all the Dolphins even the Miami Dolphins in this episode. Because America convinced Japan to think Dolphins and Whales are responsible for the Atomic Bombings. 

228 Dead Dolphins along East Coast 2013
I'm also reminded of this CNN story from 2013. 

228 dead dolphins story comes out on 22/8. 
This was the year of the Dolphins Bullying Scandal as well. The NFL season leading up to SB 48. 

Notice the numbers in the Story. 
164 dead in Virginia alone and a total of 228. 

The Story came out 164 days before SB 48 that was all about Neptune the ruler of the Sea. Then the SEAhawks win. Are they going to switch the roles for SB 51? 

Just before the dead dolphin story came out we got a story of a new star found in the Delphinus(Dolphin) constellation, and the 72' Dolphins finally getting to go to the Whitehouse. 

The Bullying Scandal began with the suspension of Incognito 72 days after the 72' Dolphins visited the White House haha this is great. I'm glad I saved these stories in my notes. Guess who the Dolphins played the day of the suspension....The Bengals, who Houston just clinched with a 10-12 win. 

Bullying between players reminding us of domestic violence/civil war. 

This really stuck out to me as well.  Shandling starred with Warren Beatty in the film called "Town and Country". Warren Beatty is the star of the Carrie Fisher's first film called "Shampoo". 
It says Town and Country was the last on screen appearance for Beatty until 2016 in the Film "Rules Don't Apply". 

Rules Don't apply just so happened to premiere on my Birthday 11/10/16. 
I work at a gas station called "Town and Country". 
It says Rules Don't apply came out in the US on 11/23/16  which just so happens to be my girlfriends birthday. 
Jasmine Cowgill=152...912(English)
Superbowl LI=152...912

Beatty was also famous for the movie "Heaven can Wait". Notice it's based off of a play of the same name and the 2001 Chris Rock film "Down to Earth" is also an adaptation of it. 
Go to the top of this post and look at the other article with Shandlings....The Death of Everybody Hates Chris Actor. (based on Chris Rock). 
Notice the Heaven can Wait film is about the RAMS making the Superbowl. 
In Down to Earth remember Chris Rock becomes the Old White guy named "Charles Wellington III" Interesting as much as I've talked about the RAMS-Charles III-Also Michael Jordan....And see the other film adapted from this story? 
"Here Comes Mr. Jordan"
The head angel in Down to Earth is named KING as well. 

Weird stuff...You know thinking about it, I forgot to share something that happened yesterday when I was at work. So this little kid comes in by himself wearing a Minnesota Vikings Coat. He just bought a candy bar, but when I looked at the Clock it was 3:18pm. His total came to $1.38. After he left I bent down to grab something on the shelf below and the first box I see is the receipt paper. The Box said 318xHI...I guess 318 wanted to say Hi.  

Ha well I'm not done on this post. Sorry it's so unorganized lately but there is a million things in my brain all connected to the same thing it seems. 

Dan Marino is only on 1 episode of the Simpsons. Notice it's season 10 episode 12...How interesting. 
It also aired on 1/31..1999...
Super Bowl=131
Sunday Cruddy Sunday=72

Look at the plot too. It involves Dolly Parton..All the stuff with her lately that has been talked about...Book of Joel found...Her song Jolene..Donald Trumps Sheep commercial/Dolly the Sheep...Dolly sings the Original, "I will always love you" song.  Whitney Houston stuff with 48 and Bobby Brown turning 48 on same day as SB 51. and  more.
Dolly Parton=53, 152..912
Superbowl LI=53, 152, 912
You know in regards to The Bodyguard with Houston and Costner.  I've mentioned a lot in regards to Yellowsmoke Park/Prince's Yellow Cloud Guitar/Brandon Scherff and more that is all connected to Denison, Iowa. 
Costner portrays Jim Garrison on the movie JFK who is from Denison, Iowa....Anyway the only reason I bring this up is because there is a giant stone building that looks like a Giant Boob when you first arrive in Denison from the Town I live in. When I was a kid(I guess I still do, but the nipple is gone now)...we called it the Dolly Parton Boobie. 
Scherff the Redskin...which is the team who the 72' Dolphins beat in the Superbowl. 

Never heard of Kyle Borland but how interesting born on 7/5...which was a special day in regards to what I was saying. It was the day they reported the death of Kyle Calloway in Vail, Arizona.....Yellowsmoke Park is between Denison, Iowa and Vail, Iowa.  Borland also played with Wisconsin and the Rams which is super connected to the Sam Foltz/Kaepernick interrelated stories lol. It's a mindfuck right now. 

This guy was even a Republican Nominee for president in none other than 1908..the last time the Cubs won the World Series...Notice his bday of 11/2..1948...the Cubs just beat the Indians who hadn't won since 48' on 11/2 in the 112th WS. 

I've never noticed any freemason halls in this town, but I just searched it and of course it's 2 blocks away from the Police station. 

In my search I found 2 lodges in Crawford County Iowa. The other is in Manila, Iowa. Funny part is that I went to High School with 2 members of the Manila one, although have not seen either one of them in years. 
Seth Hoppens=55, 145
Tyler White=55, 145
According to Facebook they are both 32nd degree. 

Of course the town was laid out in 1856. 
Denison, Iowa=56

Look at the Dates on the first 2 that popped up in my search as well. 
9/12...Super Bowl LI=912..

Notice too this episode aired the same day as SB 33..It was also the same day that the first ever episode of Family Guy aired. 

The 10th season episode 12 of Family guy mentions the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the end too. 

Interesting too in the Simpsons episode the Football players they show are Rosey Grier, Troy Aikman, and Dan Marino. 

Notice Rosey Grier played for the Rams and the Giants.
Aikman of course the Cowboys reference...
Anyway after Griers football career he went on to be the Bodyguard for RFK. He was even the guy who took control of the gun.. I mean seriously lol. In the film The Bodyguard Kevin Costner is haunted by not stopping the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan....which in turn makes me think of the Patriots and James Brady being shot. 
So possibly all of this Dolphins stuff is a crazy way of leading it back to the Patriots, but I don't think so. 

Adam Gase is the Dolphins coach..He was also the offensive coordinator for the Broncos when the lost SB 48. 
Adam Gase=51...How fitting he goes to the Dolphins in  their 51st season. Also just noticed that anything 51(simple) is always 306(English)
306th prime is 2017



    SUPER BOWL= 131

  3. Hey Dan, there was 5 months 11 days in one of the dates you measured
    You know how Saturn = 511 - Jewish gematria
    Go on numberempire and type 511 - it is 777 in Octal system - that's really interesting to me