Thursday, December 22, 2016

Cindy Stowell finally loses on 7th day of scripted Jeopardy

Cindy Stowell finally loses on her 7th day on 12/21/16. 

Not sure how the filming works but if they film the show like they air episode a day minus the weekends....That means her 7th and final episode was filmed on September 8th (8/9 or 9/8). 
So she died 89 days later on 12/5. 
Notice it's also 12 weeks 5 days. 
Also it's 2 months 28 days. 
Also notice 9+8+20+16=53
Cindy Stowell=53

She lost 16 days after her death on the airing. 
16th prime is 53. 

It was also exactly 16 weeks after her first show was filmed. 

The guy who beat her today was "Sam Scovill=35, 44, 53, 125

Funny today they interviewed Cindy and the story was that she Mooned France on a cruise when she was younger. Then the first question  was about Paris and Cindy got it right. 
40 acres...
Alex Trebek=40...born in 1940. 

The correct answer brought her up to $ 400. 
Four Hundred=62, 134
Cindy Stowell=53, 62

She then gets the next question right as well. It was also the Double Jeopardy question. 
Forbidden City=71, 134

She was down 400 after the first round. 

She gets the first question of the 2nd round correct and goes up 400 to 4,000. 
Cindy=456 (Jewish)
I wonder too if the joke with her shirt is... 
White Flower=144
Forty Four=144

Then Jennifer goes on a run keeping Cindy and Sam at 4,400 for a long time. 
Sam even finally gets of 4,400 answering a question with
"Walk the Plank"=44, 134
I'm confused by the end of the episode as well. Alex Trebek comes on and says most people didn't know Cindy had Stage 4 cancer when they filmed this a few weeks ago, but Cindy passed away on December 5th. 
A few weeks ago they filmed this? I thought they filmed these starting on August 31st?  It really makes no sense at all. Trebek is obviously reading a script that doesn't make sense. She died a few weeks ago...

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