Friday, December 16, 2016

Death of Craig Sager-Cleveland Cavaliers-Royal Family-Super Bowl 51-Hank Aaron

Today 12/15 we got the death of Craig Sager age 65. 

Notice he died 168 days before the NBA Finals this season. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=168

Remember last season Sager got to do his first ever NBA Finals on 6/16 which was the 168th day of the 2016.

His first NBA Finals was also 183 days ago. (End Date)

Sager=183 (Jewish)

Sager dying Age 65 is also a tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in which I mentioned in my previous post about him. 
Craig Sager NBA Finals

The Exact Halfway point between Queen Elizabeth II's 64th and 65th anniversary being the Queen is 8/7. Also it's 183 days both ways. 
Queen Elizabeth II=87, 168
Sager announced his cancer came back on 3/21 which was 87 days before 6/16 his NBA Finals game. 

August 7th also the 219th day with 146 days left. 
Back to Back Championships=219
United Kingdom=146
Prince of Wales=146

Notice too Sager dies on the 51st day of this years NBA Season. 
Cleveland Cavs=51
Quicken Loans=51
Lebron James=51
Last year Cleveland hadn't won a sports championship for 51 years. 
Craig Sager born in the year 51'. 

8/7 was a special day I said to the Royal Family but also Pope Francis. 
Notice Sager dies 131 days(End date) after 8/7. 
Prince Charles=131
Super Bowl=131

Sager also dies 197(end date) days before his 66th bday. 
Prince=65...Sager dies age 65 
Sixty Five=49
The 65th prime number is 313. 
Pope Francis became the Pope on 3/13/13. 

8/7 to 3/13 is 219 days. 

Also remember the Philadelphia Trainwreck that was synced up to Lebron James/Pope Francis/Golden State Warriors was on 5/12/15. Which is 219 days before Pope Francis' bday. 
It's also 87 days before 8/7. 

Also notice the NBA Season began 219 days before the NBA Finals this year. 
Craig Sager=52, 61, 88
Finals begin on 6/1. 
Two Hundred Nineteen=92, 218
Craig Graham Sager Sr=92, 173
Also possibly nothing but I mentioned how every time Kyrie Irving Shot 9 of 23 last year...Lebron James didn't play. 
The day before the Sager died Lebron James didn't play in the game against the Grizzlies. 
Lebron James didn't play=219

Also Craig Sager known mostly for wearing goofy Suits. 
Cleveland Cavaliers=69
Atlanta=69(Where Sager died)

If you don't include the End Date Sager's 1st NBA Finals was 182 days before his death. Notice "Back to Back"=182 (Jewish)

Another interesting thing I noticed which could be nothing but the video on Espn about his death...the first thing Craig Says is "The Indianapolis 500 on the Same day of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals".  
He died 52 days before Super Bowl 51. 
Craig Sager=52
Are they telling us about the Colts? 

The Video then goes on to tell us about Sager covering Hank Aaron's 715th Home Run when he was 22 years old. 

Notice Hank Aaron will turn 83 years old the day of Super Bowl 51. 
Hank Aaron=83 
A lot of interrelated events/sports. 
He played for the Atlanta Braves who were later bought by Ted Turner.    
Craig Sager worked for Turner. 
Of Course Hank Aaron wore # 44 too. 

Notice Hank Aaron played for the Indianapolis Clowns of the Negro League before playing in the MLB. Notice is was 1951 when he started playing for the Indianapolis team. It was also on 11/20.....A lot like 112. 
Indianapolis Clowns=83
Instead of going to the New York Giants in the MLB he went to the Boston Braves, but he didn't get his MLB debut until they were the Atlanta Braves. 
Sager interviewed Hank Aaron when he was 22. 
Basketball=22, 85
December Fifteenth=85

Remember last year we got the death of Milo Hamilton who called the game that Hank Aaron hit his 715th HR in? 
Milo Hamilton dies age 88. 
Craig Sager=88
Notice Milo died in Houston as well which is where SB 51 will be held. 

Sager won the Jimmy V Award at the Espy's on 7/13/16. 
Jimmy V=92
Craig Graham Sager Sr=92

He won the Jimmy V award 5 months 2 days before he died. 
Craig Sager=52
Sager born in Batavia, Illinois. 
Batavia, Illinois=65, 155

The CNN article tells us that Charles Barkley went and stayed with Sager in the hospital when his wife couldn't be there. 
Charles Wade Barkley=173
Craig Graham Sager Sr=173
One Hundred Seven=173
One Hundred Thirty One=107
King Charles=107
Prince Charles=131
One Hundred Seventy Three=112=Houston
Barkley finished his playing career in HOUSTON. 
Sager died in "Atlanta Georgia"=131

Sager dies 2 months 5 days before Barkley's bday. 
SB 51 on 2/5.