Friday, December 30, 2016

Nebraska had 318 Total Yards today in the Music City Bowl-More 17's and Jesus

I just got home from work and I totally forgot to record the Nebraska game. Hopefully a replay will be on later tonight. 
I did see that Ryker Fyfe # 17 scored a TD when Nebraska had 17 points on the local news highlights. 

Of Course he also completed 17 passes today too. 
If you go back and look at my posts, I showed a bunch of 17 stuff in regards to Nebraska in their games. It's also the reflection of 71' like the year they won their first championship, 17 days before the Colts beat the Cowboys in SB 5 on 1/17/71. 
Anyway I keep saying Nebraska is connected to all of the interrelated stories....Notice Nebraska had 318 total yards today. 
Notice too that Fyfe threw for 243 yards...
The 243rd day is 31/8. 
318 the number that keeps showing up all over the place. 

It's the number connected to Jesus/Royal Family and more. 

Volunteers=43, 151
Jesus Christ=43, 151
Tennessee Volunteers=77


Remember Nebraska had 43 conference Championships going into this year. 
Sam Foltz died 43 days before Nebraska's first game against "Fresno State"=43 in which Nebraska scored 43 points. 
Foltz died with "Mike Sadler"=43
1 month 12 days is also sometimes 43 days. 
Civil War=43
Nebraska plays in Lincoln...Stadium nicknamed the "Sea of Red". 
Moses freed the slaves, Lincoln freed the slave.
Everything about Moses is 34 and 43.
Lincoln born on 43rd day of the year, became president on 3/4. Died 4 years 3 days after the Civil War began. 

So much more just pointing out I never noticed the connection to Jesus Christ in regards to what I was saying with Nebraska. 


  1. There was a show on ESPN yesterday about the 1984 championship between Nebraska and Miami. Seems to be a lot about those two schools on TV these days

    1. Ha dude Nebraska's QB was Gill Turner. He was born August 13th, 138, 813...Miami won and it was the last game of Coach Howard Scnellenberger, who was also an assistant coach on the 72' Dolphins. The next year in 73' he took the job as head coach of the Baltimore Colts. He was replaced as Head Coach of the Hurricanes by Jimmy Johnson the Cowboys/Dolphins coach. Johnson went to college at Arkansas who just lost to Keion Carpenters ex team Virginia Tech the same day he died in Miami.

    2. Really seems like they are coding a dolphin Superbowl through Nebraska. Maybe Ndamukong Suh is bout to wreck shop like Von Miller last year. And of course the Miami connection to the Colts from the original Miami Seahawks

  2. 318 days before the SB is March 24th. 3/24 is the 83rd day of the year (84 in leap years). 83 = football. Wonder if anything significant happened on that day

    1. LOL I just saw your post about it two articles down. My bad haha

  3. former patriots FB Kevin Turner died on March 24th this year

    1. Thanks it says he was the 71st draft pick as well. "Nebraska"=71 won first championship in 71'..Turner also played for Alabama...Nebraska repeated as champions in 71-72 and beat Alabama. Nebraska's current coach Mike Riley was on that Alabama team.