Monday, December 26, 2016

Snickers-Marathon-Earling, Iowa-possibly connected to Super Bowl 51

Interesting stuff I was researching some stuff I just mentioned in regards to the Big Lebowski/Steve Buscemi/Super Bowl 48....  I noticed that Snickers used to be sold under the brand name "Marathon". 

If you recall I mentioned how a town I live 13 miles from is called Earling, Iowa. It's where the first famous US exorcism took place. 
The girl was from Marathon, Wisconsin....Earling used to be called Marthan but they changed it to Earling because there was already a town called "Marathon" in Iowa. 
It's synced up to the death of Sam Foltz and Mike Sadler was born in Stamford CT where Gene Wilder died...where Christopher Lloyd is from. Also Stamford CT is where the first US Marathon was held. 
I can't even remember it all, but interesting as it's all connected to the Boy who got ate by the Alligator at Disneyland and the Chelsea Trash Bombs/Boston Bombing/Omaha Indians. 
Also the boy ate by the alligator from Elkhorn, Nebraska which if I remember there was even a connection to Einhorn from Ace Ventura...Finkle is Einhorn. 

Notice what masonic wiki writes about Snickers and Advertising. 
They tell us about the 1984 Olympics then how Snickers started to Adverstise in sports...they mention a commercial about a player being traded to Miami...
The last SB Miami was in was in the 1984 season. 
Traded to Miami Snickers Commercial
Interesting in this commercial they are showing us the Blue Lion that's seemingly supposed to represent Detroit and the guy gets traded to Miami. Would be interesting in regards to the Michigan connection to what I've been saying...
Also interesting they tell us when the actually worked with the NFL they talk about the Chiefs snickers commercial. 

Interesting on Wiki too it has the Lions coach's picture with a Colts hat as he was the Colts coach but only until 2011...You would think the picture would be changed by now. 
Also went to Iowa for college. 

Wiki even brings up that in 48' the Lions uniforms were changed by head coach Bo McMillin. 

Interesting he was born on 1/12. 

He coached the Eagles until 51' and also was the GM of the Lions until 51'. 

Funny how the Snickers Wiki also mentions a Viking and Super Bowl XLI in which the Colts won. 

I've got to go to bed but will look more into this tomorrow. There's literally just so much info it's hard to keep up. I wonder if there are any new Snickers commercials giving us a clue? That Brady Bunch one gave it away when the Patriots won SB 49. 

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