Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lady Gaga Meets Prince Charles on 12/6...Super Bowl 51 riddle...Super Bowl 5-Staubach and Morton born on 2/5..SB 51 on 2/5

I'm sure this story is somehow connected to the Super Bowl. Lady Gaga is performing at the halftime show. 
Prince Charles=131
London England=131

London also located on 51st Parallel (SB 51)
Super Bowl=131
Depending on the start time of Super Bowl 51 it will most likely be partially played or come to an end when it will be 2/6 in the UK. 
It's 6 hours ahead of Houston time. 

February 6th will be Queen Elizabeth II's 65th anniversary of the being the Queen. 
Prince of Wales=65

Her latest Album Joanne came out on October 21st 2016. 

Notice that album came out 107 days before SB 51. 
King Charles=107
One Hundred Thirty One=107

Lady Gaga's bday was 231 days before Prince Charles Bday. 
Super Bowl Fifty One=231
Notice it's also exactly 33 weeks. 
Also 7 months 17 days. 

7/17 is the day Princess Camilla was born. It's also the day the House of Windsor began...7/17/17. 
Camilla=51....reminding us of SB 51. 

Remember Princess Diana's bday was 7/1 and Charles was 12 years 7 months 17 days older than her. (Notice with the end date their bday's also a span of 231 days apart)
Stefani Germanotta=71
Joanne came out on 10/21 the day that leaves 71 days in the year. 
Moses=71=The Ten Commandments
Moses brother Aaron died on 7/17. 
I just bring that up because it was seemingly connected to the Super Bowl Last Year along with the Race War/Black Panther stuff. 

Gaga's bday this year also on the 88th day of the year. Notice she met Prince Charles and Camilla 8 months 8 days later. 

Gaga met them at the Royal Variety Performance. 
The Royal Variety Performance=138, 318
Princess Diana died on 31/8
Prince Charles born on 318th day in a non leap year. 

Notice Camilla's bday is also 203 days before the Super Bowl. 
Three Hundred Eighteen=203
Two Hundred Three=80, 188
King Charles III=80
Stefani Germanotta=188
Bavarian Illuminati=188

Lady Gaga then performed her song "A Million Reasons". 
A Million Reasons=68, 175
Prince Charles=68, 131
Charles is also 68 years old. 

Charles 68th bday was also 83 days before SB 51. 

The date of 6/12/2016 is interesting as well. 

I don't know what team this is connected to but Prince Charles is for sure connected to Super Bowl 51. This Lady Gaga Story is a clue just haven't put it all together yet. 
I have been saying for a while now that it's connected to the 1971 championships. 
Nebraska=71 won their first championship over LSU on 1/1/71 in the Orange Bowl and then on 1/17/71 or (17/1/71) The Colts defeated the Cowboys in the Orange Bowl in Super Bowl 5. 
This year the Super Bowl is in the year 17'. 
Funny too this year Nebraska is going to be playing Tennessee in their bowl game which reminds us of the 1997-98 year when they tied Michigan for the National Championship. Peyton Manning was on that Tennessee team that Nebraska beat in the ORANGE Bowl.(17-42 score). Manning wins the Super Bowl last year and has a big connection to the Colts. 
Michigan is playing Florida State in the ORANGE Bowl this year. 
Florida State beat Ohio State in 1997 to finish 3rd. 

Look at this though.. Super Bowl 5 the Cowboys had a QB controversy between Craig Morton and Roger Staubach. They started Morton over Staubach. 
Dallas Cowboys=151
Remember too Pope Francis was 15 years old in 51'
Elizabeth became Queen 51 years 15 days after Victoria died.
Victoria died on 1/22...1901...
Pope Francis=122....Society of Jesus=191(1st Jesuit Pope)
Donald Trump is 15 years 51 days older than Obama. 

Notice Craig Morton's bday...2/5/43.  That means he will turn 74 years old the day of Super Bowl 51. 

Roger Staubach also born on 2/5...Oh the odds...
He will be 75 years old on SB 51. 
Morton was the 75th pick in the AFL draft as well. 
Hmmm possibly some type of tribute will be coming up with one of these guys soon. 
Indianapolis Colts=75
Andrew Austen Luck=75


  1. Superbowl date adds to 44. Forty four = 144.
    Charles philip arthur george = 144. Prince William = 144.
    Colts played in London this year. Total of 57 points.
    Colts coach CHARLES Pagano = 57. The game was on 10/2, pagano's birthday.
    From 10/2 - 11/14 (prince Charles birthday) is 1 month 12 days.
    Houston = 112. Andrew luck = 112.
    From 10/2 - 2/5/2017 is 126 days. Nrg stadium = 126.
    126, similar to 6/21, Prince williams birthday.
    And similar to 912, luck's birthday.
    William arthur philip louis = 311.
    From his birthday to 10/2 is 3 months 11 days.
    Prince William reminds me of Will smith, fresh prince.
    Colts 1st win of the season came on smiths 48th birthday (9/25). Total points 48.
    Will Smith = 125. Colts just beat the jets 41-10 on 12/5. New York jets = 48.
    9/25 - 2/5 is 4 months 11 days.
    The other Will smith (NFL) died on 4/9. Prince Charles remarried on 4/9.
    Will smith (nfl) was born on 7/4. Independence day.
    The actor Will smith was in independence day.
    7/4 reminds me of Muhammad ali who died aged 74.
    (Colts 1st game of the season had 74 points).
    Will smith played Ali in the film.
    Cassius marcellus clay = 65. Prince of Wales = 65.
    Talking of prince, the singer prince was born on 6/7. From 6/7 to 10/2 is 117 days.
    Like Ali's 1/17 birthday.
    Pagano was born on 10/2/1960 which adds to 91.
    Will Smith (nfl) wore 91. Prince william's wife Kate was born on 9/1.
    Chuck Pagano = 100.
    Prince rogers nelson = 100.
    Fifty one = 100.
    Round and round and round we go.

    (Sorry it's not set out properly)

    1. Superbowl 5 was on Ali's 29th birthday.
      Colts won 16-13 for a total of 29.

    2. Great Stuff! Cowboys coach Jason Garrett born the same day as Lady Gaga March 28th. I wouldn't think they would do a rematch but it's really got me wondering. The same year as deflategate the Cowboys got ripped off against the Packers, so possibly it will be like the Revenge Super Bowl this year? The Colts score 27 points in that London game too. The reason I've been showing the 71' stuff was because of the death of Sam Foltz that was connected to the Colts...He wore # 27.. He died on 7/23 which is 197 days or 6 months 13 days before SB 51....Prince=197(Jewish) Jim Irsay born on 6/13 bought Prince's Yellowcloud guitar. Cowboys vs Colts the CC like the Cubs vs Cleveland? 613 the 112th prime.

    3. 7/23 to 10/2 is a span of 71 days. 10/2 to 12/6(gaga met charles) is 65 days(Prince-65). Seventy One=144

    4. I've been following your great work on nebraska and foltz.
      Sam Foltz is definitely connected.
      Sam Foltz = 112 like Houston and Andrew luck.
      He was born on 1/21. Revelation = 121.
      Revelation is the 66th book of the bible.
      Foltz died on 7/23/2016 = 66.
      His last game was in the 'Foster farms bowl' = 66.
      Total points in that game was 66.
      Foster farms bowl also = 192.
      Indianapolis Colts = 192.
      Andrew Austen luck = 192.

  2. Brilliant work dan and Wayne im going to retire if colts win super bowl 51 with the winnings thanks to gemertia

  3. A quick stop by, to thank you all for your efforts and digging deeper.

    For me I'm still un-learning and distilling all this.

    I've been drawn to the 'handwriting on the wall' story. Will look into it.

    All the best.

  4. This could be another Colt connection. They just signed CHARLES James on Zach's blog.

  5. 1/7 and 7/1's are also heavily linked to Trump and his uncle through Tesla again lots of 1's ans 7's for him and his parents and uncles birth and death dates or ages are heavily linked to back to the future again. I made a couple of massive posts about it on Sachs blog in the Debbie Reynolds post, lots of links to the queens dates of which you're obviously well aware... but also to that 25th June date of Orwells D.O.B... lots linked to that...