Monday, December 19, 2016

Jaguars fire coach Gus Bradley-Colts vs Jaguars game in London

The Jacksonville Jaguars fire their coach Gus Bradley today after a loss to the Houston Texans. 
Right off the bat look at the gematria of Jaguars owner. 

Shad Khan=30, 66
Jacksonville Jaguars=66, 210
Today is 12+18+20+16=66

Of Course he is also 66 years old right now. 
Shahid Khan=47, 56, 83

The Jaguars will most likely play a role in regards to if the Colts advance or not. Notice they play the Titans next week and finish the season against the Colts. 

Paul Casey Bradley=62, 71, 170

He got fired at coaching 62 games. 

Gus Bradley=42, 51, 114

Interesting his bday of 7/5 as well. He was also born in the year 66'. 
Jacksonville Jaguars=66
Indianapolis Colts=75
Minnesota Vikings=75 (He was born in Minnesota). 
The Jaguars also now have a record o 2-12 on the season. 
Two Hundred Twelve=75, 219

Also he had 14 wins with Jags. 

He gets fired after a total score of 41 points. 
SB 51 to be held in Houston. 

Also he got fired after his 48th loss. 
Forty Eight=61, 133
Jacksonville=43, 61, 133

How interesting too, a few posts back I was talking about JJ and the deaths of famous foreign celebrities. 
I think I pointed out too that "Jeopardy"=1200(Jewish) just like JJ=1200(Jewish)
Jacksonville Jaguars (JJ)
JJ Watt hurt(Houston Texan)
JJ Watt put on Injured reserve 131 days(end date) before the "Superbowl"=131

Notice the only 2 wins the Jaguars have this season are against the Colts and Bears. 
The last time the Colts won the Superbowl it was Super Bowl 41 and they beat the Chicago Bears. 

Notice the score of 27+30=57
Andrew Austen Luck=57
Gus Bradley's bday on July 5th (7/5 or 5/7)

They beat the Colts 77 days ago. 
The Colts beat the Vikings today making both of their records 7-7. 
The Jags vs Colts game was also the game that was played in London. 
London, England=131
Prince Charles=131
Super Bowl=131
Prince Charles of Wales=212
The Jaguars are 2-12. 
Lady Gaga meets Prince Charles Colts game in London and more


  1. Bradley had a win percentage of .226. Super Bowl Disaster = 226. Hopefully they beat the Titans causing a disaster for the Colts to get in the playoffs. We'll find out who the interim coach is tomorrow...

  2. Doug Marrone was chosen as the Interim HC. From Doug Marrone's birthday to the upcoming game against the Titans on the 24th, is 152 days. Remember, its the 97th NFL season..

    One-Hundred Fifty-Two = 97
    December Twenty-Fourth = 97
    Ninety-Seven = 152
    Superbowl LI = 152
    Indianapolis Colts = 1152
    Andrew Austen Luck = 1152

    Luck's salary is an average of 23.3 million, annually...

    Twenty-Three Point Three Million = 152

    We just lost Alan Thicke...

    Growing Pains = 152

    And Craig Sagar just died from cancer(leukemia)..

    Cancer = 152

  3. Doug marrone is 52 years old ,date of game 12+24+16=52,Doug marrone=59,707,jaguars=509,77, their last meeting came 10-27-16 to 12-24-16 is a span of 59 days!!!! It will be their 43 meeting all time,Jacksonville=43