Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fireworks market explodes...Texas Revolution..Sam Houston Super Bowl 51?

Today 12/20/16 we got a story about a fireworks explosion in Mexico. 
Fireworks Market Explodes=112
I don't mean to make everything about sports but 112 reminds me of Houston where SB 51 will be held. Also this happening in Mexico reminds me a lot of Houston and Sam Houston I've mentioned before. 

The Texas revolution came to an end on the 112th day of 1836. 
It ended with the Battle of San Jacinto which was led by Sam Houston. 
Notice the Texas Revolution also began on 10/2 which reminds me of the Day the Colts played in London and also "Cowboys"=102

The Texas Revolution also lasted 203 days or 29 weeks. 
203 the number in regards to Prince Charles connecting to the 318. Also syncing to the Superbowl. 
Superbowl LI=912
Nine Hundred Twelve=203
Not to mention today is 12+20+20+16=68
Prince Charles=68 and is 68 years old. 
(see my previous posts). 

Indianapolis Colts=75, 192
Andrew Austen Luck=75, 192
Fireworks Market=75, 192

Battle of San Jacinto=1218(jewish)
Nine Hundred Twelve=1218(English) 
Anything that adds to 203 in simple is also 1218 english. 
Someone pointed out to me in my comments as well that 
"The Salvation Army"=203, 1218(English)
Remember the Ezekiel Elliot story on 12/18? 

This explosion happened in the City of 
"Tultepec"=30, 102
Cowboys=30, 102

As of right now they are saying 60 injured 9 dead. 

Fireworks=1290 (Jewish)
Minnesota Vikings=1290(Jewish)
Fireworks also reminds me of Jason Pierre-Paul's hand. 

There's also a big parallel to Sam Houston and Colin Kaepernick not standing during the national anthem mixed with the native american theme. 
Sam Houston actually beat up William Stanberry over allegations that he supplying rations to native american's. Which was due to Andrew Jackson's "Indian Removal Act of 1830.  He had to go to court over the beating and his lawyer was Francis Scott Key. The guy who wrote the national anthem. Think about Fireworks in regards to the national anthem and Independence Day. It's all interrelated. 
Colin Rand Kaepernick=183
Sam Houston=183

I also noticed 
Colin Rand Kaepernick=470(jewish)
Trump=470 (Jewish)
Trump the Wall...Mexico. We just had the Berlin Truck Crash story...The Berlin Wall. 

I thought I posted this post earlier and just got home, it must not have went through. Anyway I see the death toll now is up to 29. 

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