Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Interrelated stories Trump Time Person of the Year/PIA Flight 661 Crash/Trump to cancel Air Force One Boeing Order-Death of Jayaraman Jayalithaa Now death of Junaid Jamshed

Just woke up and saw this story on CNN. It says 43 dead, but then when you click on it, it changes to 48 people. 
Plane Crash=43...
Donald Trump=48
A lot of stuff going back to the year 48'. 

This plane wreck story comes the same day we get a story of Donald Trump being "Time Person of the Year". 
Today is 12/7...(Pearl Harbor Day)...which reminds us of planes attacking. 
Remember Trump has been super connected to the Native American theme that was all about 127. 
North Dakota=127
The Cubs beat the Indians in the World series on the 127th anniversary of North Dakota being a State...Much more. 

Another reason I think it's connected to Trump is because of what CNN wrote here....
Pakistan about 190 million people. 
Person of the Year=190
They then mention the airline suffered 3 fatal commercial crashes in 2010 killing 185 people. 
Donald John Trump=185

It reminds me of the phrase..."Time Flies"..when you're having fun. 
Time Flies=44
Today is 44 days before Trump Takes office on 1/20. 
He will be the 44th person to be the president. 
Forty Four=144

This story also comes the day after Trump says he wants to cancel Air Force one Order from Boeing..
He said it's going to cost 4 billion. 
Four billion=61, 133
Forty Eight=61, 133

They also let us know Boeing's first presidential plane was used by FDR in 1943. 

A big story in regards to the plane crash is the Pakistani Brad Pitt died. 
Junaid Jamshed=47

CNN tells us he had almost 2.8 millions Facebook Fans.  Pakistan=28
It reminds me of a post I made just a few days ago about the death of Jayaraman Jayalithaa. 
She was in 28 movies with MG Ramachandran. 
Amma=28(Her nickname). 

Both of these famous actor/actress' have a JJ name? I never even put together the Jay...Jay in Amma's name until now either. 
31st prime is 127
11th prime is 31? 

JJ=120(English)  which reminds me of the day the president takes over.
Illuminati=120, 48

Makes me think of JJ Watt and JJ Abram but who knows. 
This guy has Israel all of him. 
Born on 9/3 in the year 64'. 
Synagogue of Satan=64
Do what thou Wilt=64
Thelema=64  they worship the number 93. 
He was also born on 9+3+19+64=95
He died 95 days after his 52nd bday. 
Six Hundred Sixty One=95, 257 (PIA Flight 661)
12+7+20+16=55....257 the 55th prime. 
661 is the 121st prime number...(revelation=121)

CNN also tells us his last tweet showed pictures of...
"Heaven on Earth"=64
64 Servicemen also died at Pearl Harbor. 

Ha just read Zach's blog as I'm looking through info typing this..
Synagogue of Satan=190=Person of the Year. 
The Air Force One story also tells us that the planes used currently were ordered by Ronald Reagan..Yet another connection to Trump and Reagan. 
Ronald Reagan=329(Jewish)
Air Force One=329 (Jewish)
3/29 the 88th day of the year. 

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