Friday, December 23, 2016

7 year old Aleppo Girl on Twitter gets to meet Turkish President-Troll

How awesome, I just post about the Trolling stuff again. This Twitter Syrian girl is when I first started talking about it. I go to CNN and on the headline articles they show me this one from December 21st. I mean it's like they knew I was going to re look into this girl so they put this for me to see on CNN considering it's from 2 days ago. This stuff happens all the time.  She supposedly got to meet Turkey's president Erdogan. This story is so fake and obvious. 

How does this story make sense to anyone? 
They don't have veggies, fruit, milk, eggs or meat but they have INTERNET. It's just so absolutely stupid and makes no sense. 
Original Post on this topic

They have to make an article explaining that they are truly real people and it's not scripted lol? This goes along with the Fake Media narrative they have been doing as well. CNN said it wasn't fake and they "proved" it, so that makes the story not fake whatsoever to most of the world. 

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