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Miss Missouri first Gay contestant, 183, 138 and the connection to Mormon's and Omaha/Indians

Miss America=56, 110
Miss Universe=56, 173
Miss Missouri=57, 183

I've been mentioning the 183 a lot in regards to Queen Elizabeth II. 
As 8/7 is the 183 days after her 64th anniversary being queen and also 183 days before her 65th anniversary. 
Queen Elizabeth II=87
The Philadelphia Trainwreck still important.  
5/12 to 8/7 is 87 days. 
8/7 is the 219th day. 
5/12 to Pope Francis 79th bday was 219 days. 
8/7 to Pope 3rd anniversary is 219 days. 
Also interesting 18/3 is the 78th day in 2016. 
Easter fell on the 87th day this year too.
Easter Sunday=152
Seventy Nine=152 

8/7 also leaves 146 days in the year a number of great importance I have mentioned on my videos lately. Especially in regards to Brexit and the College World Series. 

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor=138
In regards to the article coming out on 7/1. 
The House of Windsor was established on 7/17/17(98 years ago).
It will end with Queen Elizabeth II and become Mountbatten-Windsor.
Donald Trump=138
Brexit happened 138 days before the US Presidential election.
138th prime number is 787.
You know it could be nothing, but last night I had a dream that someone commented to me something about "Salt, Thunder and Lightning" and it was a lead to Salt Lake City, Utah. 
Salt Lake City=138   So pretty strange. 
I also had a dream about a kid I used to know about 10-15 years ago. I think because last night.. I took my daughter to the swimming pool and these pry 12-13 year old girls asked me about my lip ring. I thought it was another guys daughter that I know, but it wasn't. It turned out they were related to a kid named Austin Tasich. I got on Facebook this morning and on the side bar it had Add Austin Tasich(Squirrel Master). Not even the right Austin Tasich, but how in the world did Facebook know I was thinking about that Kid? Pretty strange if you ask me. I didn't get a screen shot of it, because it disappeared. It was like an Ad or something. Very confusing. 
I also just mentioned Sioux Falls, South Dakota in my previous video. 
Sioux Falls=138
Beauty Pageant=138
Hey it's Colombia, not Columiba=138(This I talked about in regards to Miss Universe with a CNN article). 
Olympic Games=138
Quaker State=138(Pennsylvania)
Paris Attacks=138
Andrew Jackson=138(president 183 years ago in 1833)
Eduardo Perez=138(CWS announcer that sounds like the All State Guy...The all state guy who plays Cerrano in Major League Film (Indians streak). 
You know, I left State Farm Insurance to Farm Bureau where my cousin is my Rep.  Funny thing, is he is the family member I was talking about in my videos who commented on my Facebook stuff, that syncs up to the Prince stuff.   He works in Elkhorn, Nebraska even. I know it's not All State, but still interesting. 

Notice we get this article on the 183rd day of the year with 183 days remaining too. 
Think about what Miss America and how it's all about winning the Crown. 

This article also comes 94 years 9 months 23 days after the 1st ever Miss America pageant. 

Notice Miss Missouri is also from St. Louis. 
St. Louis Missouri=238
One Hundred Eighty Three=238

Some extra 183's I find interesting. 
Nebraska Isis Attack=183
Eight Hundred Four=183 (Flight 804)
United States Flag=183
Wells Fargo Center=183 (Where democratic national convention is held in Philadelphia 2016). 
Century Theater=183 (Batman shooting)
Baltimore, Maryland=183 (Civil War)

Just wanted to post a few of possible connections.  I also don't mean to include my life into it so much, but lately it has seemed to be connected like crazy.  Even the dream about Salt Lake City..Back when I was talking about Nebraska so much last fall it included lot's of info on the Mormons. Omaha even has the Mormon Bridge, which was where Winter Quarters was for the Mormons. A famous stopping place before they went to Salt Lake City. Also a big area of the Omaha Indians, which I mentioned the town I live in was responsible for killing the last keeper of the sacred pole of the Omaha Indians. Chief Yellowsmoke, and in regards to Prince stuff, someone pointed out there might be a significance to the Colts owner buying Prince's Yellow Cloud guitar. A lot to think about.  I really think it's something to do with the location of 41N 95W. 
Alligator=41, 95
Peter Pan=41, 95
Neverland=41, 95 
Airplanes=41, 95
Halloween=41, 95
Dan Behrendt=95
Omaha Indians=54, 108 (stuff I just mentioned in regards to Brexit and the CWS). 
The Omaha Indians were a Rival of the Sioux Tribe. 
The Starting point of the Mormon trail is in what is now Council Bluffs, Iowa. Formerly known as "Kanesville"=38  named after "Thomas L Kane"=38  "Omaha"=38 "Elkhorn"=38 "Prince"=38

Big Elk was the Chief of Omaha's who allowed the Mormons to settle here. Big ELK.  Just had the kid who was ate by the Alligator from Elkhorn, which was part of the Omaha's Land. 
Lane Graves=41
Big Elk was the adoptive father of the last Chief of the Omaha Indians.  
Big Elk Signed this illegal treaty because the Omaha's didn't have Guns and he thought the Mormons would help protect them from the Sioux. 
Anyway, so his adoptive son became the last chief, and 1 of 7 Chiefs to travel to Washington DC for negotiations which led to the loss of much of their land.  Yellowsmoke was also 1 of the 7. 

He was accompanied by translator Logan Fontenelle, who was also the grandson of Big Elk. His Father was from New Orleans and his mother the daughter of Big Elk. 

Interesting his native name means "White Horse". Also dies on 197th day.  "Prince"=197 and more. 
The Broncos win the Superbowl(White Horse)
Invictus games in Orlando, also where Lane Graves killed. 
Invicta the White Horse. 
OJ Simpson all over the TV lately. (The White Bronco).
There was a South Park Episode making fun of the Washington Redskins for not changing their racist name. A lot like the Cleveland Indians stuff too. 
That episode came out in 2014.   14 a big number around Cleveland Indians. 
We also just had the Cleveland Indians on a 14 game win streak. 
The used to be called the Cleveland Naps, named after Nap Lajoie who left in 1914. 
Cleveland changed to Indians the next year. 
They got their fourteenth win in a game that went 19 innings. 
Cleveland located on 41 N. 

Napoleon Lajoie? The Frenchman. Also known as 
"Larry Lajoie"=126, 54
"New Orleans"=126, 54 
They lose to Toronto Blue Jays (French connection)
Blue Jays=95
Lajoie born on 9/5. 
I began this post with the Miss Gay America and the article even mentions the 95 year history, even though it's only 94. 
Also want to point out a big topic this year in the CWS was about Jerry Kindall who was 2B, and then Arizona's 2B messed up and pretty much cost them the game. This guy also a 2B. Who knows. 
Second Base=87 

Yellowsmoke also a camp area in Denison Iowa.  Denison's Mascot is the Monarch's. It's where Steve King graduated High school.  He was just in the news about "Andrew Jackson"=138 being on the $20 dollar bill.   
Brandon Scherff drafted fifth by the Washington Redskins also from Denison, Iowa.   
A Whole bunch more I need to look at, but not enough time today. There's for sure a connection between the Mormons and the Native American theme I've been seeing lately. Also something connecting to that 183 and 138 that seems special. 

Book of Mormon from ancient prophets until the year 421AD. 
Queen Elizabeth II born on 4/21. 

Rome also founded on 4/21. Interesting it says Timaeus the first Roman Scholar said it was 38 years before the first Olympiad. Olympiad is the 4 year period between the Olympics. 2016 Olympics coming up as well. 
8/7 just so happens to be a date that falls during the Olympics as well. 

Joseph Smith allowed to take the Tablets, 188 years ago until 9/22/16. 
Latter Day Saints=188
Philly Trainwreck was Train # 188. 

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