Wednesday, July 6, 2016

CNN Article: Why does this man keep getting killed in disasters?

Cnn gives us this article today about internet trolls posting a picture of this guy who was supposedly on Flight 804, The Orlando Nightclub, and the Istanbul Attacks.   
Pretty obvious what is going on with this story. They are just trying to yet again convince everyone that the media doesn't lie. 

Maybe I am missing something but look at the Tweets they are showing us about this guy. 
EgyptAir Tweets about the missing plane on May 18th and then  Perro-Al Bahgdadi tweets about it on May 18th at 10:49pm. 

Everywhere I have looked says the Flight didn't even take off until 23:09 Paris time on May 18th.  So how does this person tweet about the missing plane 20 minutes before it takes off even?
Maybe they were tweeting from a different time zone, but that doesn't explain EgyptAir's tweets. 

They start tweeting on May 18th, and then on May 18th they even say they are searching for the plane at 4:26?  How is that even possible?   Paris and Cairo even share the same time. 

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