Thursday, July 7, 2016

Alton Sterling Death Baton Rouge Native American/William McKinley

Today July 6th we get the story of another Black man murdered by Police.  It happened yesterday but not reported until today. 
The first thing that stands out to me is where it happened.  
Baton Rouge, Louisiana....
Baton Rouge, Louisiana=219  
See my previous posts, this number(219) comes up a lot especially with 87 and Royal Theme/Pope Francis 
Between my blog and videos I have been talking about Baton Rouge and Louisiana a whole lot.  
Obama went to Omaha, Nebraska and then Baton, Rouge Louisiana just after his final state of the Union on 1/12.  So he was in Omaha on 1/13 and Baton Rouge on 1/14. 
Coastal Carolina even made it to Omaha for the CWS after winning in Baton Rouge. 

Obama gave a speech at McKinley High School while in Baton Rouge.  He even said, "Thank you New Orleans"=79 at the end by mistake supposedly. 
I just mentioned William McKinley in my previous few posts, as he was the 3rd president to be assassinated. He died in Buffalo which also connects to the Native american theme. 
Which also reminds me of the Los Angeles Clippers who were originally called the Buffalo Braves.  
A big piece of the race stuff the last few years was the owner of the Clippers being racist.  His name was Donald Sterling. 
Now we get Alton Sterling. 
Clipper's are ships that were used in Slave Trading even. 
David STERN(back of the boat) retires then we Adam SILVER. 
Sterling Silver....
As much of the Native american theme I've been mentioning I wouldn't doubt if that's why this guys name is Alton Sterling. 

I keep talking about the Native American theme and I even mentioned in a video I believe about how Baton Rouge is named after the Houma People's "Red Stick". 

It's no wonder the RED shirts are so obvious in the reporting.  It's because of the Red Stick. Of course the Trayvon Martin shirt as well. 

Even get the guy in the Miami Heat hat, the same day Dwayne Wade says he's signing with Chicago. 

He gets shot at the Triple S Food Mart. 
SSS=57   He dies on 5/7 or 7/5. 
SSS also reminds me of the sound a snake makes which might be useful in the future. Or maybe even connected to the Native American theme. 

Garth Brooks=134=King Charles III
Only reason I threw this in here was because I remember Garth Brooks remaking the "Callin Baton Rouge" song as a kid. Interesting gematria. Makes me wonder If the Native American theme might just be Cowboys and Indians.

There's more to this I'm sure, but just wanted to point out that I have been mentioning Baton Rouge and now we get a big Race Shooting Story there. 

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