Sunday, July 10, 2016

Micah Johnson leaves RB message in Blood? LSU RunningBack?

So now the shooter left a message in blood on the wall? 
It said "RB". 

I got this message on Youtube in regards to LSU football and how these stories might be connected. 
RB may stand for Running Back? 
RB=11, 20   R=9, 18  B=2 
 Of Course the reverse is BR possibly short for Baton Rouge? 
Or even possibly the colors used in the story.  Red and Blue. 

Who knows gonna think more on this and wait and see if more info comes out on it. 


  1. No idea yet. Honestly never really watch MLB other than the playoffs usually. I'm with Zach on the Cubs at least being in WS so far at least. Maybe I'll try and look into it sometime soon. I showed a ton of stuff last October with the Curse of the Billy Goat that does make sense to this year, but like I said haven't really watched it at all this year.