Friday, June 24, 2016

Independence Day: Resurgence interesting plot details

Independence Day: Resurgence comes out today 6/24. 
Thinking of the Original with Will Smith...the Fresh Prince. 
We had Will Smith the football player die in New Orleans this year. 

Anyway as I was reading through the plot it has some interesting aspects. It says the aliens kill President Elizabeth Lanford, and her Vice President, making Joshua Adams the new 46th president. 

First off interesting choice of a name for the president who dies.  Elizabeth as in Queen Elizabeth II? 
It's also a scenario that is quite possible with the upcoming election. 
Hillary would be the 45th president and if her and her VP are both killed Paul Ryan would become the 46th president. 

I've mentioned Paul Ryan becoming the president before in regards to Obama and Biden both dying. He's 46 years old, but will be 47 on 1/29 just after the next president would take office. So he could actually become the 46th president age 46. 

He also took over as speaker of the House 239 days before Independence day is released. 

Paul Davis Ryan=163
Obama assassinated=163
Make America Great Again=163
Barack Hussein Obama=163

Merrick Garland nominated on 16/3. 
Merrick Garland=134=King Charles III

So who knows just putting it out there, thought the plot was interesting in regards to recent events and foreshadowing. 


  1. Hey dude check out my O-Bama O-Rlando post about his town hall speech in Elkhart, 10 days before Pulse. Like the Elkhorn we were talking about. Emphasis on the Masonic offshoot, the Elks Club. Like the sigil of House "Baratheon" =84. Obama's House.

  2. Dan I am sorry. I understand what you are trying to do is get a better understanding of the system. Devoting a lot of time to it as well.

    Dan I don't want you to feel like I am saying sorry for this reason only but I've been asking you if you could do work on the Mets.

    Jose Reyes is coming back to the Mets at age 33......What is all this I've been saying Mets beat the Giants 13-1.

    With this recent scandal for Reyes it could be a potential storyline especially Wright and Reyes united.

    Hmm don't forget Giants won in 86 like the Mets.

    Also the 51 connection still ties in because of SB51.

    I will just leave a link to your Youtube Channel on my 500k video bro Later.

  3. Also Dan why haven't you shown your face on Youtube? I'm just asking because according to not showing your face is a red flag for being s shill.

    So funny he brings that argument
    up for other individuals but not you. Plus he means in General whether you are big channel or not. It's all a joke for Mr Gate Keeper!

    1. Yo Wario do you give Brother Berg shoutouts on those viral vids from your data mining endeavours?

    2. Its funny people weren't saying that before Zachs video lol. Where he didn't provide any proof yet people still buy his garbage. Complaining about deletion of comments(With no proof of course) yet he did that to Polarization Nation? Talk about Contradiction but keep buying from garbage from the liar! Since there is proof of lying already you should know me calling him a Satanist is false as well which was to make me look even more bad!

      He has no proof which is why he has to lie the gate keeper.

    3. Tony delorenzi has been saying I'm legit lol but keep buying Garbage from the person who told you Warriors would win up 3-1. Also telling you Cavs would win WITHOUT KYRIE bahahaha last season.

      Really have no discernment telling truth from lies.

  4. Also fool. What did I say in my 500k video? I mentioned Threeveland where did Zach mention that? Lol because what did Adam Silver say when he gave the Trophy to Cleveland. "Congratulations Threeveland" Yeah because I know how the Elites operate he
    doesn't well maybe you should question if that is for real since he is gate keeping now!

    All he does is postgames after every fucking game LOL. Just watched sports now let me watch a 40 minute break down!!!

    Yet still get the prediction wrong after 8 months of research throughout the entire season. Which is why he is resorting to lying.

    You are a fool if you trust a liar.

  5. What Zach did reminds me of this.

    LOL 30 Minute video of me yet he doesn't say what I stole? Yet you are a critical thinker only going off his story the person lying to you?

    Supposed truther?

    Yeah because he's got you contradicting yourselves now yet you can't see it.

    How sad really sad.

  6. Dude I asked you a clear question and you just went off on a rambling nonsensical tangent as always. Zach introduced gematria to us all so he's got my respect, regardless of how his calls turn out. How am I contradicting myself though? I make calls and stick to em and nailed Dustin Johnson at the Open. And the issue is stealing work without due credit which is why i asked if you gave me a shoutout for my work.

    1. Lol what work did I steal from you holy shit this is pathetic. Come on what work?

    2. I see you coming on here telling Dan to work on the Mets so you can poach his content then throwing a rambling tantrum and avoiding my one simple question.

    3. Dan knows I'm sincere you joke. You can't provide any proof either. I have been asking him to work on the Mets months back.

      Also why would I poach his work if I have an annotation leading directly to Dan's channel you dumb fuck on the 500 K Video?

      You're a joke going off false assumptions like Zachary K Hubbard.

      I told him Broncos were going to win....didnt listen....told him Cavs would win......obviously trying to lead him in the right direction.

      Hasn't listened yet.......for some reason.

      Hopefully a 33 year old with the same Gematria as Revelation intrigues him....With the Mets having a record of 39-33. Lol

    4. Ya cuz I haven't watched your fucking videos I don't give a shit. I just assumed because all I see you sniping content, but you got the win record so right on. I called broncos too so watch your fucking mouth there son.

    5. Go to my Music Video playlist, I show my whole body. I'm an ugly fucker lol that's why I don't want to make video's showing myself, but I will if that's what it has to come down too. Check out all of my old shit before I made videos about truth. I show my face all over. A ton of videos with pictures and videos of me. Warri it's hard to trust you even if you got things right man. Not trying to be mean at all, but changing your youtube from Lupefiasco to Warriyahtruth and then only seeming to care about who wins in sports instead of what the actual message is, that's what people are worried about. If you are are not a shill or whatever anyone wants to call it you need to really prove it. If you've watched my videos, I even mention me being 33 and how the elite must love it. They've coded me into multiple events, copyright striking my old videos so I see the connections even. My name even equals Lucifer which I'm sure they love as well, which also fits the 5th partial bloodmoon to King Charles III. I'm not scared whatsoever, bring it on is how I look at it. I've even shown on Google maps in my vids the exact place I live. I honestly think you are a genuine guy that just has his priorities wrong. If so then I am sorry, but it's very hard to trust you at this point man. I keep getting trolled by people who only subscribe to like 6 people and you are one of them. It seems strange to me. Maybe you are being set up, I totally agree it's possible, but you seem to worry about things that aren't the real issue brother. The UK leaving the EU is all connected to the English Civil War/Thirty Years War recreation. It really does not matter who wins in sports, what does matter is the knowledge we gain from it. Just want to say I don't hate you man at all, and if you aren't some fake person(which I don't think you are), I think you might see a lot of what's going on, but aren't looking at the bigger picture if that makes sense. You have to admit that it seems strange that I Predicted the NBA Finals last year, and then the World Series yet I have no views or subscribers on my videos, yet you make a channel for half a year with way less videos and all the sudden get thousands of subscribers. It just doesn't make that much sense. I'm sorry, but that seems odd as fuck. The only thing I can think of is the fact that you seem half retarded in your videos and people are eating it up. Real talk, not trying to be mean, but you seem like a weird crazy fuck in your videos and I could actually see it getting subscribers like people like Diggy Buttmuncher and shit. If you are legit, they are using you because you seem like such a crazy weirdo on your videos, sorry but just stating my opinion and I guarantee multiple others opinions. You are giving truth, yet anyone who watches your shit thinks it's a joke and are making fun of you man. For real sorry, but I had to say that without, because if you are a genuine dude I can see why they are using you to their advantage.

  7. lol well said Dan. That's the thing Wario, you demonstrate a complete and utter lack of coherency in both thought and action, as this thread proves as but one example among millions. Your shit makes no sense and I genuinely try to listen to what you're saying but I fade out within seconds because it's nonsensical and scattered as fuck. And you're angry cuz Zach called you out for trolling his blog as LupeFiasco and so you take it out on me and Dan while trying to get him to do research for you??? You're out to lunch buddy.

    Dan and Zach are the O-Gs of this numerology game. They started this gematria shit. And that's the motherfucking thanks they get?? And then Wario appears and all of a sudden is getting a half-milly views on his rambling nonsensical vids?! GImme a fucking break, I'd be pissed if I were Zach too and had been teaching this knowledge and sacrificing so much for the greater good only to have some fucking dweeb run rampage obsessed with outcomes of scripted games, totally missing the bigger picture, and then trolling and talking shit.

    You need to get a fucking grip kid. Zach and Dan demonstrate how the narrative works for multiple outcomes as it relates to this real life control matrix. Cool if we can call outcomes and make some bank off it but holy fuck let's get our priorities straight. Jewtube is totally promoting your videos and censoring Zach and Dan's to ridicule the whole Gematria movement. And if you are well-meaning and just don't fucking get it, as I also believe you are, please listen to us here and stop being so aggressive to everyone. We should be a supportive team, all working together to reveal the alphanumeric conspiracy, as we each understand it from our unique experiences.

    Literally take a fucking hike Wario and eat some mushrooms by yourself out in the woods and have a long hard think about shit. You need an epiphany, bro. And I hope you find it.

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  10. I meant when OKC was up 3-1 in the WCF not Warriors My bad.

  11. Wow, so if this jr high shit is done with, I have an actual question, for Dan, believe it or not Warriyah lol.

    Coastal Carolina vs Arizona tonight.
    Arizona threw me off, now I have to go through them. I was wondering if you did go through the matchup yet? Dan the man

    I love how 'coast carolina' syncs up, the state must be owed something by now.

    If I have time to dig, I will post what I find. Good luck guys

    1. Additional syncs for costal.

      Straight from wiki

      Campus size: 630
      Students: 10,263
      Thats two 63s, we know how that syncs to 2016.
      The school will turn 63 sometime after the championship and in 93 (13 years ago) it became independent. Reminds of Lebron in his 13th season at 31 years old.

  12. Arizona coach in his 1st year
    Jay Johnson =131
    A nice picture of him throwing up the 666 hand sign pops up.
    He signed his contract on 6/8/2015 (49) today is 6/27/16 (49)

    Im thinking he signed for a reason..

    Other coach
    Gary R Gilmore = 888
    If he loses will have 523 career losses..

    Reminds me of UNC all over again. Im taking Arizona, Carolina loses another one im thinking.

  13. I'm gonna look a bit more today and I'm making a video on it. I'm pretty sure the death of Sean Rooks is connected as well as he was a former Arizona Wildcat who died on 6/7. Arizona Wildcats=67 It's the 67th CWS in Omaha. In the Game TCU vs CC on 6/25 they showed Chadwick was a triple away from hitting the Cycle. He didn't get it, but they also showed the only guy who did. Jerry Kindall in 1956. When his team Minnesota beat Arizona in the Finals. He also later went on to coach Arizona and led them to their first 3 CWS Championships. We also just got the new amtrak derailment in Colorado which I'm guessing is significant but was waiting for more details than they had last night.

  14. Lots of time until the 1st pitch. Tonight I watch my first college world series, fake sports interest me more than when I thought it was real

  15. The professional money is shifting the line. The pros like Arizona

  16. Lol True. Also I should of Just Said My Videos got 14k Shares in total. Yeah maybe that's why I blew up.

    You people really need to stfu. Oh youtube Pumping my no it is the people....I will delete the comments Epic fail by me for not seeing this.

    1. Shouldn't matter since it was meant for the people i had the debate with. Anyways Chao

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  18. Scrolled through your videos......BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  19. Go find some friends mr warrior. You're fucking annoying. This isn't a views competition or a I was right about the last pick competition. You seem to think it is. If i wanted to listen to you whine for 9 minutes and contribute 1 minute of stuff you got from other sites, than I would go through your videos on youtube. Congrats on your new found celebrity and the ego that comes with it.

  20. Dan brought up the views point imbecile.