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Omaha Race Riot 1919, Death of Kerrie Orozco and possible connections to Louisiana, Minnesota Shootings.

Today I was looking back at the death of Kerrie Orozco. The Omaha Police Officer who died in the line of duty on 5/20/15. 
I've mentioned a while back the significance of Obama going to Omaha and then Baton Rouge right after his Final State of the Union Address. 

I've been wondering if the Black Lives/Blue Lives Matter violence is going to come to Omaha soon or if Orozco was possibly the Omaha event? 

Notice Orozco died 238 days before Obama was in Omaha. 
Remember how CNN let us know Baton Rouge the city of 238,000 people are on alert. The Original Philando Castile shooting video CNN gave us was 2:38 as well. 
The Philadelphia Trainwreck had 238 passengers. 
The Moneta, VA Bridgewater shooting was on the 238th day. 
One Hundred Eighty Three=238(number in regards to Queen)
David William Donald Cameron=238 (resigned)
Taylor Alison Swift=238(Back in News again about Kanye)
Cubs win World series=238
Emmett Lathrop Brown=238
Thomas Francis Wilson=238

The anniversary of Orozco's death was 128 days after Obama came to Omaha. 

CNN even starts their Orozco video showing us Police Car 128. 
I've mentioned how 128 is connected to Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. 
William Penn=128
12+12+17+87=128(Penn a state)
Democratic National Convention=128(in Philly)

I was getting trolled by a bunch of people leading me back to my Kerrie Orozco video right before Nancy Reagan died. Resgan's death was connected to September 19th.  
Nancy Reagan=103, 618(English)  618(Jewish)
9/19 leaves 103 days in the year and also the 262nd day. 
Six Hundred Eighteen=199, 919 both could be Sept 19th. 
State of the Union Address=262
Nancy Reagan's Bday on July 6th.  The same day we got the stories of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile.

Kerrie Orozco born on 9/19 and dies 5/20. 
She died 122 days before her bday. 
Pope Francis=122
Pope Francis went to Cuba on 9/19 last year. 
26 weeks 2 days before Obama went to Cuba. 
262 days before Clinton Clinched the Nomination. 
She died age 29. From Iowa the 29th state. 
She was going on Maternity leave the next day but died before it happened. 
Her daughter was born prematurely on 2/17 and had been the hospital for 92 days. 
Olivia Ruth Orozco=92(her daughter)
Orozco shot at 3057 Martin Avenue. 
Martin Avenue=143+3+5+7=158
Kerrie Orozco=158
159th prime number is 929.  
September Nineteenth=217
2/17+217 days is 9/22.
Kerrie Orozco=922(Jewish)
Remember 9/22 the day French republic began 223 years ago. 

The last time an Omaha Officer died in the line of duty being shot was Jason Pratt, who died on 9/19 born on 5/19. 
Jason Pratt=134
Albert Rucker=134(guy who killed him)
King Charles III=134
9/19 also the day James Garfield died. 
September Nineteenth=91
Orozco from Walnut, Iowa originally. 

I've also mentioned how I think Queen Elizabeth II is connected to 9/19 as well.
Queen=26, 62  
Orozco dies 262 days before 2/6 which was Queen Eliz II's 64th anniversary. 
Queen was born in 26' became Queen on 2/6/52 and turned 26 years old in 1952. Her Coronation was on 6/2/53. 
My first ever copyright claim was on 9/19/14. 
It was a video about Ramona Quimby Age 8. 
Ramona=26, 62
Ramona Quimby Age Eight=103
They didn't give me a claim on the video for 177 days. 
The 177th day is 6/26. 
I fixed the video and they again gave it a copyright strike again 85 days later.  So I got the next Claim on it 262 days after the 262nd day of the year when I put the video up. 
Turkey was the first to claim Isis a Terrorist group. It was 2 years 6 months 2 days before the Paris Attacks in November. 

Sixty Two=38=Omaha=Orozco=Louisiana=Minnesota=Prince

In my last post I mentioned how Bubble Guppies was playing the Rocky Theme just after I told my girlfriend about Rocky's connections to recent events.  It was Season 3 Ep 18. 
I mentioned Apollo Creed and Princess Diana both dying on 31/8.
Prince Charles born on the 318th day of the year. 
I also found out in the comments on my video that 318 is an area code in Louisiana. 
Republican National Convention=318 
Anything that adds to 53 in Simple is also 318(English)
Three Hundred Eighteen=203

Interesting other 203's in my notes. 
Obama Murdered by Isis=203
Back to the Future III=203
Theater Shootings=203
Thalys Train Attack=203
Ultimate Warrior=203
Fifteenth President=203(James Buchanan)
He is the only president from Pennsylvania. 
He died age 77.  "Kerrie Orozco"=77
Police Officer=77  Police Department=77

Omaha was also the birthplace of Malcolm X. He was born on 5/19, the same day Jason Pratt was born. It really makes me wonder why Orozco didn't die on 5/19. I wonder if that was the plan or like I said in my last video they were trying to show us the Day Off in the coding? 
The first Lynching to occur in Omaha was in the year 1891. (91)
The Omaha Race Riots occurred in 1919. 

The Race Riot in 1919 started because Will Brown supposedly raped a 19 year old. He was 41 years old. lol
Agnes Loebeck=238(Jewish)

This is the picture the media says was of the event. Maybe it's just because it's an old pic, but something doesn't seem right in it. It looks to me as if the body placed in the photo wasn't originally in this photo. 
Will Brown=128(Pennsylvania stuff)

Who knows, want to look into some other stuff today but I'm wondering if a big story is going to come out of Omaha soon considering Obama's visit with it and Baton Rouge. 

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  1. Yep, another fake photo. The fire looks fake. Notice that no one is actually looking at the body burn. Every one is too busy smiling for the photo. Everyone, say cheese!

    Another thing for your data base:
    It's interesting that Queen Elizabeth' coronation fell on 6/2/1953.
    If you sum 1 thru 62 it equals 1953 so it's a suitable year for the coronation of a queen. Think of subtracting 63 from 2016.

    queen -- 62.