Monday, July 18, 2016

Shooter McGavin, Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Long, Happy Gilmore

I was reading through the comments as I was watching Zach's new video on Gavin Long. Someone had commented it might be connected to Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore and the US OPEN. 
It's got me thinking now, just wanted to post a few extra things I don't think I've put on this blog. 

Death of Grizzly Adams, Happy Gilmore connections
I've been following Happy Gilmore for a while, as we got the Death of Grizzly Adams on 1/15. When Chubbs(Carl Weathers) dies Happy and Shooter both say they are playing for him. Then they do the Grizzly Adams did have a beard part. 

I even talked about Dustin Johnson winning the US Open who went to Coastal Carolina that won the CWS this year. 

Carl Weathers is even from New Orleans.  I even mentioned how the Boy from Omaha being ate by the Alligator in Orlando I think has something to do with Chubbs getting his hand bit off. 

Michael McDonald is also Paul Walkers Dad on the movie The Skulls. He turned 61 the day Vanity died as well. 

The Guy Shooter hires to make Happy play bad is named "Donald" as well. 
Makes me think of Donald Trump being a distraction as well. 

Gotta go, but interesting comment and need to think how it might factor in more. 


  1. Dan, Jeff here I got Justin Johnson wining the Canadian RBC Open it will be 32 days from his birthday 6/22/16 to the end date 7/24/2016 he is 32 yrs old soon too be married to Gretzky's the great one in Canada {NHL} daughter Paulina Mary Jane Gretzky 102. What do you think it's the 99th season of the NHL Wayne wore 99 a tribute maybe.

  2. Great stuff. I haven't looked into that at all. Gretzky even retired in 99' and entered into the Hall of fame that same year. All I think about with him is Kings. Thanks for your other comment as well. I'm not sure if that is even the real RFG or even worried about it in general. On his youtube his name is spaced different so it may just be someone pretending to be him. I have always been a late night person, but mostly I make these late at night because I actually get more time to be alone and concentrate on it as everyone else is asleep.