Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mike Pence as Vice President candidate? Prince 197/38

Who will be the Vpprentice=117, 270

He will be VP candidate 117 days before the election if selected. 
Which also means Today 7/14 is 117 days before 11/7. 
Vpprentice=128, 56  (Numbers associated with president/philadelphia/terrorists)

Mike Pence=45, 81
Donald Trump=48, 138
Pence-Trump=50, 131  
Prince Charles=131
Louis XIV=131
Mike Pence-Donald Trump=219, 93
219 another way of saying Hillary Clinton. 
8/7 the 219th day with 146 left. 
The US Constitution was created in 1787, and Pennsylvania became a state in 1787 as well. (Only other states in this year were Delaware and New Jersey)

Prince of Wales=146
United Kingdom=146
Donald Trumps bday 14/6. 
This story comes out today on 14/7. 
This year 8/6 is the 219th day with 147 days left. 

Interesting Trump's bday 54 days before 8/7 too. Been seeing 54 a whole lot recently. Even Theresa May the 54th person to be Prime Minister of the UK. 

Update: Mike Pence becomes VP candidate today which is 38 days after his bday. (end date) because of the attack in France on Bastille Day. 
Bastille Day=38
Prince(singer) also born on 6/7. 

Prince dies 1 month 17 days before his 58th bday. 
Pence is 57, same age Prince died. 

Tomorrow also the 197th day of the year. I've mentioned 197 a lot. The 45th prime number is 197.  
Mike Pence=45 (Trump running to be 45th president)
One Hundred Ninety Seven=207
I forgot about this day, but I have mentioned it before as a possible significant day. Along with July 19th or 19/7. 

Michael Richard Pence=155, 101
He turned 57 years old 155 days before election day. 
Theresa May born on 10/1. 

Pence is also a reference to currency(Penny). Just mentioned this a bit in regards to Alton Sterling(Pound Sterling) and Brexit.  Abe Lincoln the first assassinated president on the US Penny. 

Wouldn't it be something if Trump were assassinated and Pence became the Presidential candidate? As many people who hate Hillary Clinton, the elites could rig the election for her to lose so people would get more false hope.  
Mike Pence=45
Would be 45th president. 
Who knows just a thought, although a lot of info pointing to Hillary as the next president. 

Pence is also the governor of Indiana. Indiana even named after the Indians(native americans) that I have been mentioning a lot too. 


  1. According to Trump he is Not picking his VP candidate tomorrow, in honor of the attack in Nice, France.

    1. So I stand corrected:

    2. Nice thanks for the heads up just got back home. If you include the End Date a lot of it still makes sense. Bastille Day=38 even.