Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sylvester Stallone in Nice, France during attack, Philadelphia, Turkey, Thanksgiving Muhammad Ali and more.

Wouldn't you know...Rocky was in Nice, France during the attacks. 
I just made a post about Turkey in regards to Pennsylvania and now I see this article. 
Notice the Word "Cowardly"=101 highlighted.
Sylvester Stallone=63
Statue of Liberty=63
Muhammad Ali died on 6/3. 

Perfect choice to play Rocky. Sly born on 7/6/46 The first Rocky comes out in 1976.  The Character Rocky also born on 7/6/45.
Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone=117
Think about Rocky in regards to Muhammad Ali who died this year.  
Ali born on 1/17.  
Parkinson's disease=117

17/1 to 7/6 is 171 days even. 

Muhammad Ali=42, 96
He got Parkinson's age 42
Freemason=42, 96
Dies age 74
Rocky Balboa=42, 105

Notice the Nice, Attack was also 105 days before Philadelphia's 334th anniversary too. 
Sylvester Stallone even had a son who died age 36 from a "Heart Attack"=36. His name was Sage MOONBLOOD Stallone. 
Thirty Six=53, 62, 152. 
Pennsylvania=53, 62, 152 
Back to the Future Part III=105

Prince Charles was 36 years 11 months 14 days old the day Back to the Future ends.  He was born on 11/14. 

October 27th is the also the day Back to the Future ends in 1985. 
It was Philadelphia's 303rd anniversary. 
Cassius Clay=33
He died 33 days before Stallone's 70th bday. 

Three Hundred Thirty Four=128
12+12+17+87=128 (Pennsylvania became a state)
William Penn=128 (Founder of Philadelphia/Pennsylvania)
Democratic National Convention=128 (Held in Philly 2016)
It's from 7/25 to 7/28 in Philly. 
25/7  "One hundred twenty nine"=257
7/27.....727 is the 129th prime. 
So fitting days to the 129 I have been mentioning as well. 
Flight Eight Hundred Four=128 (see previous posts on Nice and 56... "Sly"=56)

Apollo Creed also was based off of Muhammad Ali. Rocky doesn't defeat him until Thanksgiving Day or 11/25/1976. 

The newest Rocky movie called "Creed" came out on 11/25/2015. 
Rocky I also begins on 11/25/1975. 
Apollo Creed was 33 years old the first time he fought Rocky. 

Interesting in regards to Turkey as well.  Remember last year we even got Turkey shooting down a Russian plane just before Thanksgiving. 

11/25 to 7/14 is 232 days. 
One Hundred Fifty Two=232

Also 134 days before 11/25/16. 
King Charles III=134,  804(English)
Rocky was 31 years old when he beat Apollo Creed. 
Thirty One=134 804 (English)
The Fresh Prince is from Philadelphia. 

Flight 804 went missing 1 month 18 days before Rocky's Bday. (End Date)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=118
49 days as well. 
Revelation=49, 67, 121
Philadelphia comes from the Book of Revelation.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania=1611(Jewish) KJV came out in 1611.
July 6th even 6/7. 

Nice Attacks 118 days before 11/8(election day) (End Date)

This guy is being said to be responsible for the leading the Turkey Coup.  Notice he was born on the 117th day of the year. Also in 1941, this year on Thanksgiving it will be the 41st anniversary of the day the movie Rocky begins. 
The Turkey Coup attempt to 11/8(Election Day) also 117 days. 
Fethullah is from "Saylorsburg"=157   Turkey Coup on 15/7. 

There's something to this 1 day off stuff as well. Notice if you don't include the end date  Flight 804 to 7/6 is 1 month 17 days.  With the leap year 4/27 is also the 118th day. 

Gotta leave for now, but want to look more into this. I've mentioned Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) in regards to Earthquakes and Philadelphia previously.  We even had the death of Tony Burton who played Duke Evers(Apollo/Rocky's trainer).  

Also the death of Vanity who was in the movie Action Jackson with Carl Weathers. 
She died on 15/2. 
Feb 2nd to Turkey Coup also 152 days. 

The movie even has a punchline at the end out her getting off drugs and going "Cold Turkey", and Jackson can have her on Thanksgiving. 

Anyway peace gotta go. 

So I got home a few hours ago. My girlfriend just got off work and I was telling her about the Philadelphia connection I found to Rocky and recent events. I never turned off cartoons that my daughter was watching before she went to bed. I told my girlfriend about Rocky and like 15 minutes later I look up and an episode of Bubble Guppies is playing the Rocky Theme in the Background. 

It's season 3 episode 18 also the 58th episode. 
What stands out more is the 318. 

Apollo Creed=52, 106
Carl Weathers=52, 133
Propechy=52, 106 
Apollo Creed dies in the movie on 31/8. This is also the same day Princess Diana died in 1997.  Remember she died in Paris. 
August 31st normally the 243rd day and leaves 122 days to the end of the year. 
Pope Francis=122
Turkey Coup attempt to Prince Charles Bday is 122 days.
Charles born on the 318th day of the year. 
Swimtastic Check up=203 (Bubble Guppies ep)
Three Hundred Eighteen=203
March 24th or 24/3 is the 85th days of the year. 
Diana Frances Spencer=85 

The worst ever recorded east coast earthquake was also on 31/8. 
Anything in Simple gematria that equals 143 is also 858(English)
Think about "Rocky"  and "Carl Weathers" in regards to Earthquakes as well. 
The next biggest East Coast Earthquake was a 5.8 exactly 58 years 5 days later in Cornwall-Massena. 
Then the last biggest was in Mineral Virginia a 5.8 in 2012. 
Richter Scale=58
Study of Seismology goes back to 585 BCE in Thales. 
Charles Richter dies age 85 in 1985. 
The Big One=85
Charles Francis Richter=109
Philadelphia Earthquake=109
Also in regards to Back to the Future ending on Philadelphia's anniversary in 1985. 
Bif Tannen=85
He won all his money on the 85th day of the year in 1958. 
Thomas Francis Wilson=85(Actor who plays Bif from Philadelphia)
Trump even referred to as Bif. He was born on 
Earthquake=107=King Charles (Fresh Prince)
Princess Margaret was the first to Divorce in the Royal Family since Henry VIII. Then Charles divorced Diana next. 
Princess Margaret would be 85 years old right now. Her birthday of 8/21 is 85 days before Charles on 11/14. 
King Charles II dies in 1685. 

Princess Margaret=78
Born on 21+8+19+30=78
Dies on 2/9.   France=29 
I made a series of videos on her in regards to Peter Pan and Robin Williams last August even. She plays a big role in whatever is going on even though supposedly dead. 
She was referred to as a Trainwreck just like Trump. 
Her 85th Birthday even fell on the same day as the French Train Attack in "Thalys"=85. 

Happy Gilmore Earthquake Carl Weathers


  1. Countess of Snowdon, huh. I wonder if she has connections to Eric Snowdon?

  2. Possibly, I remember looking at that thinking about Edward Snowden and the Snow in I Pet Goat II as well. Can't remember if I ever found any connections or not and don't see anything in my notes.