Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Aroldis Chapman to Cubs Prince/Royalty Theme I Pet Goat II, World War III

Interesting headline calling Hal Steinbrenner Prince. Remember Prince Charles might become King George VII instead of Charles III. 
I later mention the Curse of the Billy Goat and Back to the Future in this post. 
Marty Mcfly=134
Prince Hal Steinbrenner=112  This year we have the 112th World Series. 

The Cubs get him 112 days after their first game of the season on 4/4. It was also 112 days after the Yankees 1st scheduled game of the season in which they were playing the Houston Astros but was postponed.
Remember Prince (Singer) died on the 112th day. The Simpsons killed him on 11/2. They killed him with "George Timothy Clooney"=112.  Also Neil Armstrong who was the first to Walk on the Moon. Apollo Eleven=134 
Neil Armstrong=66=Charles  

He was also traded the same day the Yankees played Houston Again. 

So he was traded to the Cubs from the Yankees. 
New York Yankees=191, 65
Yankees=80=King Charles III
Miami=45 (Back to Future)
Sports Flash=45(Back to Future)
The Cubs have only won 2 World series. World Series 4 and 5. 
Curse of the Billy Goat from 1945 WS.  Billy Sianis kicked out in 4th inning with 5 left. 
Billy Sianis died 10/22/1970  so 45 years ago until this year. 
Billy Sianis=131=Prince Charles
It's still connected to Back to the Future as 1885 is 131 years ago and they use Train # 131 to push the Delorean Back to Oct. 27th 1985. The day that leaves 65 days in the year. (Prince) Also 31 years ago this year. 
Thirty One=134=King Charles III

The Chalkboard in I Pet Goat II is missing the U, I, and O. 
It has the backwards Love on the board as well. 
Love=54  But think about it Backwards Evol=45  
Forty Five=45
Fifty Four=45
Valentines is on the 45th day of the year. Valentines is the 2nd day of Lupercalia the Roman Festival in which they sacrifice a Goat and a Dog/Wolf.
The Pet Goat=45(Book George Bush was reading on 9/11).
The 45th prime is 197. 
We are also in an election year for the 45th president. 

Notice he's wearing # 54 for the Cubs as well. 

Cubs even get him on a day they lose to White Sox 5-4. 

The 45 also reminds us of the end of World War II in 1945. 
Which will be 71 years ago in on 9/2/16. 
Seventy One=45
Chapman traded 92 days before World Series begins. 
World War Three=71
World War II came to and End 71 days before the 21st anniversary of WWI ending. 
August 12th 2016 will be 21 days before the 71st anniversary of WWII ending.   
August 12th also leaves 141 days in the year. 
World War III=141
Twenty One=141
Cubs in their 141st season
One Four One=128, 56    
August 12th is 12/8(Pennsylvania stuff) 8+12+20+16=56
Also August 12th known as the Glorius Twelfth. 
Glorius Twelfth=69
World War III=69 

Check that out. The MLB strike that cancelled the World Series in 1994 even began on August 12th 1994. 
Which also means that this will be the 107th World Series Since the Cubs last won. 
King Charles=107 
Chapman is 28 years old.  28th prime is 107. 

8/12 also 18 days after the Trade. 
Chicago Cubs=46
8/12 to the 46th anniversary of Sianis death is 71 days.
Back to the Future Day in 2015...10/21 leaves 71 days in the year. 
Cubs lost playoffs last year to Mets on 10/21 with a 4-5 playoff record. It was even their 171st game. 17 and 71. 
The first ever MLB Game was on 5/4/1871.  It was also 5 months 4 days before the Great Chicago Fire that began on 10/8/1871.  
The Cubs haven't won a world series since 1908 or 108 years ago. 
Willis Tower in Chicago is 108 stories tall. 
1871 was 145 Years ago. 
Chicago Illinois=145
One Hundred Forty Five=108
Obama Starts laughing in I Pet Goat II at 1:08. 
Obama and Lincoln only presidents out of Illinois.
Just before the building collapses in I Pet Goat II they show us Psalm 23 on the wall. 
Psalm Twenty Three=71

Notice the 1:45 video. 
Chicago, Illinois=145

Today also 25/7. 
257th is the 55th prime. 
Chicago Cubs=46, 55, 91

July 25th 2016 was also the 207th day of the year. 
One Hundred Ninety Seven=207

I know the Astro's have been mentioned but I have mentioned a native american type theme I've noticed lately. Interesting Chapman was traded 148 days after his bday on 2/28. 

The Indians are cursed as well because of a trade in 1960.  Rocky Colavito and they got Harvey Kuenn.

 Interesting in regards to August 12th being connected to Philadelphia/Pennsylvania and I just made another big post about the Rocky Film as well.
Cleveland Indians=148 Harvey Kuenn dies on 2/28/88. Which was Chapman's Bday. 
He also played 54 games for the Cubs in 1965...Prince=65
Harvey Kuenn=54, 144
Baseball=18, 54
He played a total of 57 games for Cubs. He also died age 57. 
Fifty Seven=131=Prince Charles=Championship
World Series=57
Major League=45, 108(Baseball and reminds me of Film with Indians).
Hal Steinbrenner ruthless as King George...Hal also 46 years old born in 1969 the year Armstrong landed on the moon. 
Chicago=46=Chicago Cubs
Steinbrenner=62, 71
King George=62, 71

My previous post was all about the 17 and 71 as well in regards to Football. Next year will be year 17'. 

In the beginning I mentioned how Prince Charles could also become King George VII. 
King George VII=84, 138
Donald Trump=138
Curse of the Billy Goat=88
Evol T  N=88(I Pet Goat II Chalkboard)
Remember Bob Gale said Bif Tannen was based off of Donald Trump. Time Travel Speed is 88mph. Plutonium is the Gas/made Atomic Bomb. 
August 12th to Election Day is 88 days. 
Election Day is 11/8  11X8=88 even. 
August 8th or 8/8 leaves 145 days in the year. 
Back to the Future III came out on the 145th day of 1990.
Doc Brown discovers Time Travel on 11+5+55=71
Flux Capacitor=59=Back to the Future=Mcfly
Fifty Nine=108, 54 

Anyway got to go to bed, but need to go back and watch some of my old videos for information I don't have in my notes. I know there's more connected to the 45/54 stuff. 


  1. you literally bounce from here to there to everywhere. you make zero sense

  2. It makes a lot of sense sorry u can't get it it's Pretty straight forward

  3. It makes a lot of sense sorry u can't get it it's Pretty straight forward

  4. This is why you cant pick winners. You connect apples to oranges. The movies have ZERO to do with the winners in sports leagues. Everyone and their mother knew Warriors would lose to Cavs but your goofy ass refused to believe what was staring you right in the face

  5. I've made multiple correct predictions that aren't on my blog. I even said the SB was connected to Back to the Future and 1985 after I predicted the Royals winning the WS last year. I showed how the Iowa Hawkeyes would most likely lose like they did in 1985. Alabama, Villanova all connected to 1985. It is connected to movies. I said Nebraska would have a poor season due to Teen Wolf/Tommy Boy/LoveBug:Herbie and the death of Dean Jones.